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Belle: Ippudo has always been my go to ramen place in Sydney. Ever since they opened two years ago, I have made many treks to the city to have a bowl of that sweet tonkotsu broth. We were recently invited to dine as guests of Ippudo and I thought it was a perfect time to try some items off their ‘monthly specials’.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 10

Ando and I arrived on a Monday night and were lucky to find it a little less packed because it meant that we would be able to get our hands on some ramen sooner!

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 9

But first we started off with their famous Ippudo Pork Bun ($4) – steamed bun with braised pork and Ippudo original sauce. I honestly can’t get enough of these buns; soft and fluffy. And the melt in your mouth pork slices with their special sauce is perfection.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 2

Ippudo Shrimp Bun ($5) – steamed bun with deep-fried shrimp and ippudo original sauce. Similar to the pork buns, but with the tempura prawn in the centre. The pork bun is still my favourite.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 3

To wash it down, we ordered their Homemade Lemon Lime and Bitters ($5). I liked how this drink had a lot more punch of lime compared to your traditional lemon lime and bitters.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 4

Wagyu Tataki ($16) – lightly seared wagyu slices served with ponzu dressing and spicy radish garnish. I liked how this dish was presented, the slices of wagyu beef used to form a rose. The novelty of peeling it ‘petal by petal’ was enjoyable. The marbled slices were simply delicious!

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 5

Samurai Ribs ($18) – pork spare ribs, flavoured with reduction of koikuchi soy sauce served with orange puree and seven-spice chili pepper. I have never ordered this dish before, but Ando is a big fan and he highly recommended it. And I am glad we chose this dish. I wasn’t too sure about the orange puree in the beginning, but it did grow on me after a few bites. The dish was a combination of sweet, spicy, salty and acidic.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 6

Miso Tonkotsu Special ($24) – topped with pork belly, chashu, bamboo shoots, shallots, cabbage, bean sprouts and half nitamago. The miso tonkotsu ramen is a blend of specially selected white miso infused with Ippudo’s creamy signature pork broth. This ramen is perfect to keep you warm on cold winter days. The added miso to their tonkotsu broth was enjoyable. At the end I did find it a little too salty for my liking, but Ando on the other hand managed to finish every last drop of that broth.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 8

Spicy Black Special ($24) – topped with special miso paste, pork belly chashu, coriander and bean sprouts. Ippudo’s Spicy Black is the spiced up version of the standard Tan Tan Men with an added kick of extra black garlic oil. The spiciness is balanced off with the sweet fragrance of our special sesame paste mixed in with the pork broth. The soup was mind blowing. It was very rich and aromatic from the spices.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 7

Ippudo is a place that never disappoints and the staff there are always attentive.

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Ippudo Sydney on Urbanspoon

Level 5 Westfield Sydney, 188 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000

(02) 8078 7020


Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday 11am till 10pm. Friday to Saturday 11am till 11pm. Sunday 11am till 9pm.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Sana from SD Marketing and dined as a guest of Ippudo Sydney. Opinions are however, our own.

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