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Belle: Ever since I missed out on the famous Devon Truffle Toastie last year, I have been waiting patiently all year for the return of truffle season. Luckily for The Lamstock we were invited to dine at Devon last night to try some of their new and exciting dishes from their Devon by Night a la carte menu. Unfortunately there was no truffle toastie was on this list, but we did have a try of their new Chinese egg custard dish with truffles (images to follow).

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 1 The Devon by Night menu is a continuation of Zach Tan’s Asian influenced dishes. And some of these dishes brought back fond childhood memories of food.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 2

We started off with some warm chickpeas and assorted spice snacks.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 3

Yellowfin tuna sashimi, avocado, tomato jelly, ikura and chives ($15). You can never go wrong with some fresh sashimi to start the night. The tomato jelly was the winning component of this dish and no soy sauce is needed here! I can already imagine this to be a popular dish when the weather warms up again.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 4

“Prawn and scallop wontons” – scallop and prawn ceviche, crispy wontons, green mango, peanuts, nahm jim ($16). The light coconut milk in the ceviche reminded me of my grandmother’s Bahn Khot which are small Vietnamese pancakes. I really enjoyed the fresh salad with the crunch from the deep fried wontons.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 5

Chargrilled corn, coffee miso butter ($5 each). When this dish came out we were surprised to see baby corn as were expecting corncobs, but it was an awesome dish nonetheless. As the waiter brought out the dish, there was a welcoming scent of char grilled corn and freshly ground coffee.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 7

The Devon’s lobster roll- lobster, radish, tatsoi, kewpie ($15 each) was perfection in a bun. I could have devoured a few of these. Each of these rolls contained a generous 50 grams of lobster and equivalent to half a lobster.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 6

KJI fried chicken- korean style chicken wings, go chujang and peanut sauce ($15). Crispy chicken with a twist on the sauce. I loved it!

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 9

Aunty Tulia’s beef short ribs, tomato & basil relish was the winning dish for me. It was served with Cultivated mushroom parcels ($10) and Steam Rice ($4) (not pictured). The sweet, rich, melt in your mouth pork was really complemented by the spicy tomato & basil relish.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 11

Chargrilled Jumbo prawns with Penang Hokkien mee flavours ($29). I liked the flavour compination of this dish.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 8

Mum’s Chinese egg custard, shitake, black fungus, yellow needle flower, Chinese fried bread and fresh WA black truffle ($28). This dish got the most attention on the night. And it was a great dish to finish off the round of savory dishes. The egg custard was very smooth and each bite was followed with a strong truffle essence.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 10

And for dessert, the Tamarind and chilli popsicles got the table talking. It reminded me of salted plum candies I used to eat as a child. The chili sensation after each bite made the popsicle quite addictive.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 12

This preview dinner has gotten me excited about the rest of their menu as there are other dishes that we have yet to try! It looks like I will have to go back and continue my Devon adventure!

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76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

(02) 9211 8777


Devon by Night Operating Hours: Thursday to Sunday 6pm till 10pm.

Regular Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 6.30am till 4.30pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am till 3.30pm.

DISCLAIMER: The Lamstock was invited by Gemma from Wasamedia and dined as a guest of Devon Cafe. Opinions are however, our own.

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