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Belle: I often write how it can be a trek for us to eat out in North Sydney and foodie visits are almost always planned in advance. For Via Napoli, being voted the best pizza in Sydney by Time Out was enough to get us to trek across town. But it was hearing positive reviews from a born and bred Italian that made us visit there in a heartbeat.

The Lamstock made a late afternoon visit before dropping off our dearest Brenda before she embarked on her Italian and European trip. Our intentions for a light snack became more of a mini feast of entrees.

The complimentary bread is always a good start to the meal.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 2

We started off with an antipasto dish, Tagliere Di Salumi ($20). It was a really good selection of five types of cured meats, including two types of salami and prosciutto. And that small dish on the board I later confirmed it to be diced prosciutto was the first time I’ve tried it. I enjoyed the chewy texture that also had a bite to it.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 1

Arancini – one rice ball pork/veal mince ($10). 1 Rice ball with veal & pork mince, buffalo mozzarella & peas. 1 rice ball with truffle & gorgonzola. I found this dish a little lacking in comparison to the other dishes that we tried. It really needed a good amount of seasoning.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 5

Polenta & Gorgonzola ($15). Polenta chips with warm gorgonzola sauce & pepper. I am a sucker for anything with gorgonzola sauce and I love a good pungent and salty gorgonzola sauce. This sauce had all the right flavours, but I found the sauce a little on the thin side. Nevertheless we ended up consuming every drop of that sauce and even dipping our pizza crust into the sauce.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 4

Our lucky last dish was their famous traditional Neapolitan style pizza, which follows a strict guideline that requires the dough to be kneaded by hand, with a 35cm diameter and cooked in a wood fired oven at 485C for 60 to 90 seconds. We all agreed to try the Quattro Formaggi – scamorza, gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella & parmigiano on a white base. ($21). The selection of cheese on the pizza was bursting various earthy flavours combined with the creaminess of the white base. But that pizza dough was just as good on its own and there was no left over crust on our table. As full as we all were, we could not help it but continue to stuff our faces with the crust.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 3

And before we jetted off to the airport we finished the meal with some coffee. Piccolo ($3.5). Latte ($3.5). A small note for those who are lactose intolerant, there is no soy milk served at this restaurant.

We were really impressed with the pizza here and will no doubt be back for a good pizza feast in the near future. Especially with a larger group for their one metre long pizza at their other venue in Hunters Hill which is a little bit closer to home.

Via Napoli Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

141 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove, NSW 2066

(02) 9428 3297


Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday 5pm till 10pm. Thursday to Sunday 12pm till 3pm & 5pm till 10pm.

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