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Belle: In recent years, there has been a more holistic approach to food and where the meat is sourced. Terms such as farm to table, local and grass fed have become more common. This new trend in food is exciting and one restaurant which has embraced this idea is Mumu Grill in Crows Nest, being the only restaurant in Sydney serving all grass fed beef.

Beef at Mumu is their main specialty, but they also offer other cuts of meat. Last week, Ando and I were invited by head chef and owner Craig Macindoe to attended the Lambageddon event, celebrating Saltbush Lamb in a six course feast for its diners. Craig also informed the diners that only six lamb were slaughtered for this event and every part of the lamb has been used. Saltbush Lamb is a new term to me and I learnt that they are not bred for their wool and only for their meat. They graze on Old Man Saltbush in Central West of New South Wales which gives the meat its unique and crisp flavour, as well as its juiciness.

mumu grill crows nest 12

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To start the night, drinks were needed at the bar. Lychee Lemongrass Martini and a North Sydney Margarita.

mumu grill crows nest 2

Lamb Shoulder Empanadas with a chimi churi dipping sauce. It was a welcoming taste of lamb as I am used to a pork or beef empanadas. It was the first of six courses and in this first dish I was able to appreciate the sweetness of the lamb which were brought out with the herbs in the dip. With the generous amount of chimi churi, I coulnd’t help but double dip.

mumu grill crows nest 3

Cauliflower Soup with Truffled Lamb Shoulder & Eggplant Caviar. The waitress informed us to mix it in with the soup which gave it a light truffle flavour. I liked that the soup was made using cauliflower instead of a heavier base such as potatoes. The soup was warm and not piping hot which meant I could dig into my meal right away.

mumu grill crows nest 10

Lamb BBQ Ribs with Zucchini Raita. The first of the three mains. This was my favourite meal of the night. I loved how the soft and tender lamb fell off the bone. The cold zucchini raita gave it a light and refreshing kick.

mumu grill crows nest 11

After the second dish, we walked over to have a sneak peak at the meals being prepared for the next round.

mumu grill crows nest 4

mumu grill crows nest 6

Roast Rack & Rump with Puy Lentils, Quinoa, Cavalo Nero & Beetroot Mustard. The Lamb was cooked perfectly and that beetroot mustard was the winner for me. But that might be because I love a good mustard.

mumu grill crows nest 7

Pressed Lamb Shank, Water Cress with Jalapeno Apple & Tomato Chutney. A combination of sweet, spicy and bitter. First you get the sweet and spice from the chutney, followed by some savoury from the lamb, and then a bit of bitterness from the water cress.

mumu grill crows nest 8

Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt, Cheesecake Tart, Dates & Poached Plum. This is a clever dish and takes away from traditional cheesecakes. The cheese was not sweetened to highlight the sheep’s milk. The sweetness combo was complimented by the sour plum syrup and the dates.

mumu grill crows nest 9

We had a great time at the Lambagedden event. Mumu Grill hosts several events a year and it is a great value and a good night out. Join their mailing list to find out about any future events that will be held at Mumu Grill. Find the link here.

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70 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW 2005

(02) 9450 6877


Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday 6am til 5pm, Thursday – Sunday 6am til late.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Craig from Mumu Grill to dine as guests. Opinions are however, our own.

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