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Belle: Last week Brenda and I were invited to try the Ryvita’s launch to search for Australia’s ‘Best Sandwich’. This was an event that Brenda and I were looking forward to because that evening was kicked-off with a Reuben sandwich demonstration by Jake Dell, owner of renowned Katz’s Deli in New York City. Both Brenda and I dreamed of visiting Katz’s Deli and talking to Jake about New York has increased our urgency to book flights to NYC ASAP.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 4Below is Jake Dell’s recreation of the New York City Pastrami on Rye using local ingredients.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 5Jake Dell’s recreation of the famous Katz’s Deli Reuben using local produce.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 9The sandwich demonstration was followed by a workshop to create our own Reuben and Pastrami Sandwiches.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 1This was Brenda’s take on a Pastrami on Ryvita during the workshop.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 6The rest of the evening we had the opportunity to learn more about the Ryvita Masterpiece; over the next four weeks, eight eateries around Australia will battle it out to see who will win the best Ryvita Masterpiece. The eateries involved are: The Grounds (Sydney), Malibu (Sydney), Gelato Messina (Sydney), Hotel Windsor (Melbourne), Shady Palms Cafe (Brisbane), Bar 9 (Adelaide), Cafe Elixer (Perth) and Toastface Grillah (Perth).

We were lucky enough to try three of the Ryvita Masterpiece contenders on the day.

Malibu ‘Green Fields’. Poached chicken with homemade lemon and herb mayonaise topped with diced avocado, celery, cucumber, spring onions and mixed herbs. I liked that this dish was simple and very doable at home. I can definitely see myself attempting to recreate this dish.
ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 2
The Grounds ‘The Pumpkin Pie’. Homemade spiced pumpkin mousse topped with sliced fennel, pickled cucumbers and shavings of hot salami. This dish had a lot of punchy flavours. There was sweetness from the pumpkin, a dash of sour from the pickled cucumbers and a hit of salt and chili from the salami. It was a well rounded dish.
ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 7
Gelato Messina ‘White Bait’. Mounds of Messina’s smoked salmon and white chocolate gelato between mounds of lemon cream cheese and toped with cubes of dill and caper jelly and micro herbs. This dish was definitely the talking point of night. Gelato Messina never ceases to amaze me with their combination of flavours. The ice cream didn’t taste fishy at all. It was sweet with essence of smoked salmon. It worked well on the Ryvita, but I am unsure if I will be able to have this ice cream on its own.
ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 8
All three dishes were enjoyable. But my vote will be for the Messina’s take on the Ryvita Masterpiece with extra points for their risk they took.
Also there is a change to win $2000 when you Like their Facebook Page and vote for your favourite creation.
ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 3
The Lamstock Sydney restaurants
Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Katie from AC Agency and Ryvita Australia to the event launch. Opinions are however, our own.
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