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Ando: I must have had a tragic social life since this was my first time driving to Kings Cross. I’m a wreck when it comes to driving and whenever going anywhere close to the city, public transport is usually my first option. But on this day, with the encouragement from Brenda I decided to drive. There were multiple times when I almost drove her insane with my irritating questions of “which lane should I be in?” and “are you sure it’s this way?”

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock

Once we found parking it wasn’t a long walk to the venue on Bayswater Road. The elevated path led us to a luscious outdoor green courtyard and the outdoor dining area. Destiny’s Child was playing loudly as sat down in the outdoor dining area with fellow food blogger My Hunger Will Go On. Throughout the night my eyes were constantly eying the interior, especially at the street art along the walls of the venue. The venue also boasts an indoor dining area, a bar, pool table and a quirky yet interesting toilet arrangement. The crowd here is a diverse mix; mates out on a casual night out sat beside dudes in suits and us awkward foodies. I can say that Gary Linz, founder of Oporto and Bondi Pizza did a marvellous job in creating a hip, casual and affordable venue for burgers and booze.

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock

Watermelon, lime and vodka ($12 alcohol/ $7 without alcohol). Squeezed and juiced at the bar, this drink was refreshing and was a great way to start the night. More please!

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock

Pineapple, ginger beer, vodka & bitters ($12 alcohol/ $7 without alcohol). Another freshly squeezed drink that was light and extremely fruity that made my Instagram pals wished they were there with me!

Buns and Balls Potts Point The LamstockPork & Beef Gourmet Meatballs – beef & pork balls in a chunky nap sauce with shaved Parmesan ($9). Each bite was succulent with just the right amount of meat juice. Thank goodness it wasn’t dry like other meatballs elsewhere!

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock

Tofu Ball – crispy tofu balls with a side of warm chilli nap sauce ($9). I was pleased that the outside shell was immensely crunchy but the inside consisting of tiny cubed tofu pieces and a blend of greens didn’t do justice for me, even when paired with the warm chilli nap sauce.

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock

Fish Croquettes – barramundi croquette balls served with a side of BB’s tartare sauce ($9). This was my favourite meatball out the range as the Barramundi filling was of a soft and delicate nature. The tartare sauce accompanied the croquettes well providing that needed creamy tang!

Buns and Balls Potts Point The LamstockChar-Grilled Beef Burger – wagyu beef, cheese, grilled onions, tomato, pickles & BBs’s burger sauce ($10). The bun was a delight to consume as it was dense and had a slight sweetness to it. I found my Wagyu beef patty a tad dry with not enough sauce. Looking at other Char-Grilled Beef Burgers on that night which were overloaded with BB’s burger sauce, I think I was just unfortunate on this occasion.

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock

Grilled Chicken Burger – marinated and grilled chicken, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo & BB’s chilli sauce ($10). Again, I enjoyed the bun in this burger but unlike the Char-Grilled Beef Burger, the chicken was tender and the slather of chilli sauce was sublimely spicy. For $10 a pop, I’d get this if I come back.

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock Spicy Louisiana Wings – served with blue cheese sauce ($1 each). Give me more of these wings and top up on the blue cheese sauce! The chicken pieces were covered in a sticky spicy layer that begged to be enjoyed and smell of blue cheese in the sauce was subtle yet well enough to arouse any tastebuds. Yes! Order these!

Buns and Balls Potts Point The LamstockSweet Potato Fries ($6/ $9). Supposedly a healthier option compared to potato fries, these fries were remarkably addictive. It goes well with the Spicy Louisiana Wings… hmm… I take that back… it goes well with everything!

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock Char-Grilled Chicken Salad – tomato, cucumber, baby cos, char-grilled chicken with a side of chilli sauce ($12). The salad was fresh, the char-grilled chicken was tender and again is paired appropriately with chilli sauce.

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock

Smokey Steak Salad – tomato, cucumber, baby cos, smokey steak with a side of steak sauce ($12.50). I found the steak pieces quite thin and I didn’t find the steak that smokey.

Buns and Balls Potts Point The LamstockIce Cream Block To Share ($14). Or not to share! Vanilla ice cream was sandwiched between what tasted like a macadamia cookie. Me being gluttonous, I had two pieces to myself!

Buns and Balls Potts Point The Lamstock

Buns & Balls… oh that quirky name!

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33 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, NSW 2011

(02) 9326 9054

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday – 6pm till late. Saturday & Sunday 3pm till late.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/bunsnballs

Instagram: @Bunsnballs

DISCLAIMER: The Lamstock was invited by The Darlin Group and SIMON SAYS. Dined as a guest of Buns & Balls. Opinions are however, our own.

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