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Ando: I first visited this food truck at the Newtown Festival two weeks ago and enjoyed the Organic Spelt Bun Chilli Dog. Thinking that I would never cross tracks with this food truck again, it was fate that brought us together on this particular day!

I was shopping at the Coco Republic Outlet in Auburn when a black food truck caught my eyes. When I walked towards the menu displayed on the truck, the first thing that popped into my head was that this food truck copied Agape Organic’s menu! I asked with quite a lot of doubt to the man behind the counter “Umm…Is… this… Agape Organic?” He grinned at me and nodded. I was surprised and asked him how often Agape Organic parks here?! The man explained how Coco Republic was behind this and that the food truck was only here for that day. “I see…”

Agape Organic - The Lamstock

We meet again Organic Spelt Bun Chilli Dog – chorizo sausage, wagyu beef chili con carne, spelt bun, cheddar, tomato, coleslaw and chimichurri ($12). Last time I didn’t dare pick this dog up with my hands and this time I wasn’t about to as well. I would have screamed if this dripped all over me! The spelt bun breaks off easily with a fork as it was light and airy. After devouring the top layer of chorizo and wagyu beef chilli con carne, I was met with a creamy, crispy and slightly chilled coleslaw! Oh how I love this contrast!

Agape Organic - The LamstockAgape Organic - The Lamstock

Some Phoenix Organic Cola to finish off the meal.
Agape Organic - The LamstockCheck out where the Agape Organic Food Truck will be and more information on their Facebook page, Twitter or website.

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