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Ando: I was at home in the middle of cramming for an exam, when Belle and B knocked on my door yearning to visit HUX Bistro. They needed to pick up D-Lam from the train station and thought this would be the opportunity for all of us to grab some lunch together (not that we’re ever apart!). It was a sweltering 34 degrees outside, so I didn’t really mind escaping the books for some well deserved sustenance.

Parking was a breeze as it was daytime and we managed to score a car space directly opposite Richard’s On The Park. Since I was hurried out of the house, I didn’t really think about my attire and only realised when we got to our location that I might be refused entry. Why? Because I decided to wear thongs! Thank goodness the no open shoe policy applied only after 6pm!

When we arrived at the bistro, we were warmly greeted by Jay Huxley, a former MasterChef contestant (2011 season). We were fortunate to not only have him cook for us, but he took the time to take our orders, clear away our plates, chatted to us for a bit and even posed for our camera (with the 1.3 kg ‘Tomahawk’)! Generously hospitable and ever so friendly!

Hux Bistro, Canley Vale

I was considering ordering some quality pub food off the menu, when a large black chalkboard signage caught my eye. “Why not have a crack at our 1.3kg ‘Tomahawk’ ribeye on the bone…” it read. I had to pause for a bit. “… Comes with 4 sides and 3 sauces. Great to share for 2-3 people. $88″. I paused again and looked to Belle and B who were both nodding their heads. I saw the pre booking comment on the bottom of the sign which stated the cooking time (1hr) and it made me quite hesitant. Jay was walking towards our table and I only had a few seconds to decide. Belle and B seemed adamant with what they wanted… so I went with it and we made the order. Oh and just a heads up, drinks are to be made at the bar.

Because it was a substantial wait (though we didn’t mind), Jay kindly offered us a plate of spring rolls served with a generous amount of sweet chilli sauce. The sweet chilli sauce had coriander infused within it and the spring rolls tasted like our mums, which brought a smile to all our faces. It was a great start to our meal.

Hux Bistro, Canley Vale

Jay informed us that HUX Bistro has been opened for around 3 months and that he has been trying to perfect all the elements within the bistro to provide a wonderful experience for his diners.

We were all excited when the sides came out. Garden Salad. Seasonal Vegetables. Chips. Onion Rings. The chips were well seasoned and cooked to perfection with a light crunch – that was the first of the sides to be finished. The onion rings were the second of the sides to be demolished. I didn’t really touch the salad or the vegetables. D-Lam took the pleasure in munching up the greens.

Hux Bistro, Canley Vale

The 3 sauces came out next. Creamy Mushroom. Diane. Green Peppercorn. The sauce was plentiful and D-Lam developed her love for Diane.

Jay joked about us food bloggers and how the food must go cold when we go snap-crazy with our cameras. He then told us about some stories during his time on MasterChef which made us laugh.

Hux Bistro, Canley Vale

The moment of truth came. The 1.3kg Tomahawk arrived and our jaws dropped. This signature dish is a 1.3kg Bindaree vintage angus tomahawk. It was cooked in a water bath at 55 degrees celsius for an hour. This method ensures the meat to be cooked consistently resulting in tender and succulent slices. The angus is then finished on the grill.

Hux Bistro, Canley Vale

Jay Huxley offered to serve up the Tomahawk for us.
Hux Bistro, Canley Vale
Hux Bistro, Canley Vale

Deep Fried Brownies were $1 with any steak purchased. I believe you can order a max of 4 with a Tomahawk. Available Monday to Thursday – we couldn’t resist and got four plates. Served with a honeycomb ice cream, the crispy batter reminded me of a Golden Gaytime. I loved how the inside of the brownie had a heavenly warm centre and this was all plated on top of a berry and dark chocolate sauce. I was kind of glad that Belle, B and D-Lam couldn’t finish their dishes, as I was more than willing to help out!

Hux Bistro, Canley Vale

Jay told us that he goes through around 12 of these Tomahawks a week. Around 5 of these on Saturdays. We should also let you know that they only accept cash, but there is an ATM located in the the building. We had a wonderful time at HUX Bistro and can’t wait to share our experience with our friends and family. Check out the HUX Bistro Facebook page for the latest information.

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41 Canley Vale Road (Richard’s On The Park), Canley Vale, NSW 2166.

(02) 9755 5234

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday. 11am till 3:30pm, 5pm till 1am.


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