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Ando: For the past few months, finding chocolate in my household has been a difficult task. Members of my family have declared the kitchen a chocolate free zone, so you can imaging my delight when a package arrived that contained chocolates from Matale! I will be keeping these in my room and only sharing them with a selected few. Shhh!

Matale Chocolate is based in Melbourne but is available in major Australian cities so you’re not missing out Sydneysiders! Checkout their stocklistsMatale Chocolate makes dark ethical chocolate bars from scratch. You heard me right, from scratch! Starting off with the cocoa beans, Matale has been aiming to develop personal relationships with farmers and co-ops so that they receive a better price for their beans. Chocolate maker Thibault Fregoni dreams about “producing chocolate that not only excites the taste buds but also empower the cocoa bean farmers he works with to improve their crops and their quality of life”. It’s great when you can feel good about what you’re eating! They only use organic raw sugar which is the only ingredient they add to their cocoa nibs to make quality dark chocolate bars, gluten, soy and nut free!

Matale Chocolate

‘Bean to bar’. Have you heard of this term before? Flourishing in the US, the ‘bean to bar’ movement in settling in Australia and it will be a thrilling time for the chocolate industry and all your chocolate lovers out there! Simply put, ‘bean to bar’ refers to the process of converting cocoa beans into actual chocolate bars. This is similar to the coffee movement as we’ve seen with coffee roasters such as Campos Coffee and their ongoing process with developing relationships with farmers to source beans ethically and sustainably right through to the end product. With most chocolate manufacturers, the bean to bar process is outsourced to an offshore company. In America there are a number of artisan chocolate companies dedicated to the craft of bean to bar chocolate, whereas in Australia it’s a relatively new concept which Thibault hopes chocolate lovers everywhere will embrace.

Matale chocolate has four (4) single origin dark chocolates available at the moment. The product itself is quite thin which is different from the blocky chocolates that we are used to seeing in supermarkets. Being freshly made, the chocolate is more intense and flavoursome compared with mass products. Sometimes less is definitely more!

68% Somia Plantation Madagascar – A lively dark chocolate of great intensity characterised by fresh citrusy overtones with a silky texture. This one was our favourite.

72% Malekula Plantation Vannuatu – A slow developing dark chocolate offering balanced tannins, leading to a subtle cinnamon and coffee finish. Long lasting with a silky texture.

Matale Chocolate

Not only do these chocolates taste intense and flavoursome, these hand made dark ethical chocolates are paper packaged and look amazing as gifts!


DISCLAIMER: The Lamstock received products courtesy of Thibault & Eloi from Matale Chocolate. Opinions are however, our own.

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