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Ando: It’s been a while since I feasted on bagels for breakfast. When I do get my hands on bagels though, it often fills me up and leaves me weary till lunch time. So you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm when Belle suggested bagels for breakfast. Nevertheless, I marched on and was willing to give it a try.

Brooklyn Hide, Surry Hills

As the name suggests, this joint is inspired by all things… Brooklyn. Even their clocks were set to Brooklyn time. When we entered most of the tables were taken, so we opted for the high bench table with a window view of the Commonwealth Street and Belmore Lane. (Note: The interior shot below was taken an hour or so after we entered. We didn’t want to point our camera in people’s faces). After sitting down and going through the menu, we paid at the counter and grabbed a few glasses of water adjacent to the counter. The staff were friendly throughout the service which made the outing enjoyable.

Brooklyn Hide, Surry Hills

To start off, Regular Soy Latte ($3.5 + $0.5 Soy). The beans here are roasted by Little Marionette. Fleetwood Mac played in the background as I sipped away my coffee.

Brooklyn Hide, Surry Hills

Manhattan Bagel – In-house cured lox, honey vinegar, cream cheese & rocket ($12). For this dish we got the “gluten free” bagel. This bagel was under “Breaky Borough” section of the menu, but they have this available throughout the day. The bagel wasn’t that dense which made me happy. The honey vinegar was subtle and overall it was enjoyable but nothing really stood out.

Brooklyn Hide, Surry Hills

Brooklyn Hide Bagel – Braised pork, fresh cucumber and apple jam ($10). This was with the “everything (all the seeds)” bagel. The apple jam gave it some sweetness but the pork was a bit dry. Tasty but nothing exceptional.

Brooklyn Hide, Surry Hills

Midtown Bagel – Corned beef, gruyere, sauerkraut, mustard mayonnaise ($10). We got the “sourdough” bagel with this reuben style bagel. I prefer this dish over the other two. The saltiness of the corn beef went well with the crunchy and tanginess of the sauerkraut. Oh and you can’t go wrong with gruyere!

Brooklyn Hide, Surry Hills

I’m not a fan of bagels but Brooklyn Hide has changed my outlook on it. I think I need to go on a bagel hunt!

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226 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

(02) 9211 6448


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