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Belle: Brick walls, warm ambient lighting and a vintage industrial feel is not commonly used to describe the interior of a Chinese restaurant. You would expect to find a restaurant with those descriptions in Surry Hills and not in Dixon Street Chinatown. It is a welcoming change along the chains of Asian restaurants along Dixon Street. And it was also a change for the members of The Lamstock as we hardly venture to Chinatown for dinner.

old town 1

We stopped by early on a Thursday night before a large line of diners began to form after 7pm. Here you will find a range of diners ranging from uni students, large family groups and suits after work. Despite the rather fancy interior, the food here was surprisingly affordable.

old town 2

A good Chinese (Hong Kong) meal always starts with a fresh pot of brewed tea. And this one was particularly good. We were informed by one of the friendly waitress the tea was special Green Tea from Taiwan. We helped ourselves to a second pot before we left as well.

old town 3

One dish that we were excited to try out was their Peking Duck with Bun (2 per serve) ($8). It did not disappoint. The bun was soft and sweet with a generous slice of roast duck. Just a side note, be careful of the sauce dripping.

old town 4

Dumplings were on our agenda that night and we ordered a plate of Old town Pan Fried Pork and Vegetable Dumplings (5 per serve) ($6.8). The dumplings had chewy and crispy skin, was reasonably sized, but lacked a bit in seasoning.

old town 5

We ordered Grilled Green Onion Pancakes (2 per serve) ($4.8) because we were intrigued by the image on their menu. However it was rather chewy and lacked flavour.

old town 9

We could not pass a plate of Xiao Long Bao (6 per serve) ($6.8). However we were rather disappointed with them. They were not piping hot when we received it and a few of the skins bursted with soup before we had them on our spoons.

old town 8

Seafood Fried Rice with Chilli Sauce in Korean Style ($12.8). It was a tasty fried rice, but lacked the Korean flavours that it promised.

old town 7

Premium Soy Sauce Fried Egg Noodle ($10.8). The noodle was too oily and salty but had a nice bite to the noodles. I like my noodles more on the tender and hard side.

old town 6

We finished the night with a selection of desserts.

I could not pass the Black Sesame Soup with Sweet Tofu Pudding ($6.5) as this dish brings back fond childhood memories of my grandmother making them for me on a cold winter’s night. I actually haven’t had this in several years and I was glad it was not overly sweet.

old town 10

Durian Pancakes (2 per serve) ($6.5). This is just like the mango pancakes you will have a yum cha, but filled with durian. The texture of the pancake was perfect. But the filling was just too creamy and fatty for me. I wished the ratio of durian to cream was a lot higher.

old town 13

Old Town Green Tea Snow Flake ($8.5). This was the best dessert. It was surprisingly creamy and perfect end to the meal.

old town 11

I will definitely come back here for their steam buns and their desserts are a definite winner. I would also advise to come here early as this place does get quite busy.

Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine on Urbanspoon

10A Dixon Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

(02) 9264 3888

Open 7 days, 11am – 2am

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