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Ando: When Belle informed me that Ramen Ikkyu is located in a food court in Chinatown, I mistakenly ended up at Market City. I saw the sign for Hakata-Maru Ramen and realised that I was at the wrong food court. I met up with B and D-Lam along the way and it wasn’t long before we spotted our destination. 4.45pm. Sussex Centre Food Court. Slightly early for dinner but we wanted to avoid any crowds (plus we needed to be elsewhere in an hour). A friendly petite lady greeted us and gestured to the tablet in front of us where we were to make our orders. 16 types of ramen were on offer with reference to the sauce/base – SALT (natural salt), SOY (specially blended soy sauce) and MISO (Specially blended miso sauce). After selecting a ramen on the tablet, the next page allows you to pick additional ramen toppings and/or sides.

It wasn’t long after we ordered that they called our number and we went to collect our bowls at the counter. As three of us were planning to share between two bowls of ramen, I went back to the counter to grab an extra pair of chopsticks. The owner Haru was now behind the counter and was hospitable in offering us a small bowl so that we could share. It’s kind gestures like this that makes me want to come back.

Ramen Ikkyu, Sydney

Ikkyu (Shoyu) – SOY ($10.50). Springy handmade noodles with a silky broth which wasn’t too thick or too light. It was also good to know their ramen has no MSG. This dish came with three slices of pork and was a delight from start to end.

Ramen Ikkyu, Sydney

Pork rib – SOY ($20). This was an astounding dish! The pork rib was sliced into bite-sized pieces and came off the bone effortlessly. Haru explained to us that the pork rib was cooked twice for 40 minutes and marinated with a combination of shoyu, sake and mirin. The pork was tender and sweet. I could have gone for an additional pork rib ($14). After the pork pieces, Haru recommended picking up the pork rib and devouring the meat still left on the sides of the bone. What a fantastic way to end a great dish!

Ramen Ikkyu, Sydney

Finishing up, Haru asked if we would like more noodles. Ramen Ikkyu offers free ‘kaedama’ which is an additional order of noodles. But please make sure that you order your kaedama before you finish the soup, as additional soup will not be served.

Check out the Ramen Ikkyu website for a full listing of their menu and contact details. You can even buy merchandise such as t-shirts and aprons in store. I’m hooked and am a fan! Maybe B will buy me a t-shirt!

Ramen Ikkyu on Urbanspoon

Shop F1A (Sussex Centre Food Court), 401 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

(02) 9281 0998

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