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Ando: I believe I was here on the third day of opening. I couldn’t believe that I actually waited over an hour for Lord Of The Fries (LOTF). I have never waited for LOTF in Melbourne but oh well, the things you do for food sometimes! The food here is “made to order” thus one of the reasons for the long queue. The second reason, which I believe are the new staff. Whilst queueing the glass wall allows you can see them in chip frying and burger making action, but I would have to say that there wasn’t much action going on. There was a point where it looked like it took eight seconds for them to cut a bun. Knives are dangerous I guess? Perhaps creating hype is good business!

Lord of the Fries, SydneyLord of the Fries, Sydney

LOTF as the name suggests are famous for their fries. But they also make awesome ‘beef’ and ‘chicken’ burgers. All the food here is vegetarian, Kocher and Halal. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available. The premise is a take-away store with no seats or tables available for dine in. It’s hilarious to see customers with their LOTF food scattered within a 500m radius of the store.

Lord of the Fries, Sydney

Big burger with sampler fries classic sauce and drink ($13.95). For the burger, two lovely ladies in front of me kept talking about the Original Burger and persuaded me to get it. I did. LOTF patty, cheese, pickles, onion, lettuce, Belgian mayo, mustard and ketchup. You can choose between a white or wholemeal bun. I forgot to mention wholemeal, so I ended up getting the white bun. The bun was soft to the touch and the creamy sauce kept me chugging it down. The LOTF patty didn’t try too hard to taste like meat and was quite enjoyable.

Lord of the Fries, Sydney

As part of the meal, I upgraded to the large (box) chips for $2 extra and ended up getting a bottle of water. One has to try and eat healthy right? I chose French Canadian ($2) as my sauce. My favourite out of all the sauces consisting of cheese and gravy. I didn’t stop there and ordered the East L.A. sauce on the side. It was more like a creamy and cheesy salsa with jalapeños.

Lord of the Fries, Sydney

Toronto Hot Dog – mild peppers, tomato, onion, pickles, celery salt, relish, mustard ($7.95). I wasn’t pleased with the taste of the sausage and I found the celery smell overpowering.

Lord of the Fries, Sydney

Tijuana Hot Dog – jalapeño, cheese, onion, sour cream, spicy ketchup, mustard ($7.95). This was more like my type of hotdog. Still not a fan of the sausage but now with a touch of spiciness and cheesy goodness.

Lord of the Fries, Sydney

Visit their website to check out their menu and join up for their VIP club to hear of special promotions, download vouchers and receive the latest news and information.

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537 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Operating Hours: 10am till late.

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