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Belle: Continuing on my (rather slow) ramen quest in Sydney I decided to give the newly opened Hakata-Maru Ramen a try. Accompanying me was my good friend E who travelled with me to Japan late last year. Hakata-Maru Ramen is located in the level three food court in Market City and we found this place to be relatively busy on a Tuesday night.

The cold nights that we have been experiencing in Sydney calls for a nice bowl of Tonkotsu ramen. Tonkotsu base ramen is always a winner in my books. With its pork bone broth cooked for a long time on high heat, and its milky appearance, this dish is served with a generous amount of ramen noodles and toppings.

At Hakata-Maru Ramen they serve three types of ramen; white, red and black. White Tonkotsu Ramen Original ($7.8), Red Spicy Miso ($8.8) and Black Dark Garlic Oil with Fried Garlic Flakes ($8.8). For those who are still feeling a little hungry, they also have side dishes such as Gyoza or Karage Chicken for an additional $2. Or get the Kaedama (extra serving of noodles) for $1.

As you collect your bowl they have additional free toppings to chose from; white sesame, red ginger and spicy Takana pickles.

Hakata-Maru, Haymarket

I went for the black noodles with a slick of dark garlic oil ($8.8). The broth was light and packed with flavour. I had enough ramen noodles to keep me satisfied. I had to refrain myself from drinking all the soup.

Hakata-Maru, Haymarket

While my good friend E went for the Red Tonkotsu ($8.8).

Hakata-Maru, Haymarket

We both slurped down our ramen in silence which is a good sign that we were both enjoying our meal.

This place gets my approval for a cheap and fast meal. I will definitely be back. But for now, I must continue to try the many new ramen places in Sydney.

Hakata-Maru Ramen on Urbanspoon

9-13 Hay Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000

(02) 9281 6648

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