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Ando: I was grocery shopping at Bankstown with my mum when I came across this restaurant. I asked if she would like to have lunch here and she agreed. The interior was quite simple and restaurant operated in a quick manner. After sitting down for less than two minutes or so, the waiter asked what we would like to order. I seriously couldn’t make up my mind. The waiter coming back at least 3 more times over the span of I’d say 10 minutes.

After making our order with one man, we realised that the other customers were getting their food before us. We thought that it might be because our meals took longer to make? This wasn’t the case when another waiter came up to us and asked what we would like to order. We were confused by this and told the man that we had already ordered. It turned out that the first guy who took our order didn’t write it down. So we had to reorder. And the wait begins… again. Sigh.

Thy Vietnamese Eatery, Bankstown

Nem Nuong – BBQ pork mince served with crunchy crackers and veges with special dip sauce. This came with do it yourself rice paper and was a great way to start our meal. The crunchy crackers which was deep fried spring roll pastry made all the difference.

Thy Vietnamese Eatery, Bankstown

Thy Vietnamese Eatery, Bankstown

Pork and Crab Noodle Soup ($9.5). Mum ordered this dish and was happy with the serving size. She enjoyed the spices and said it was very filling.

Thy Vietnamese Eatery, Bankstown

Pork Chop Special ($11). The first thing i noticed about my dish was that there was no egg. This dish is supposed to come with an egg but hmmm… i guess not. I had to even ask for fish sauce which they forgot.

Thy Vietnamese Eatery, Bankstown

As a relatively new restaurant, I hope they improve their service so no one has to go through our ordeal.

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1/324 Chapel Street South, Bankstown, NSW 2200.

(02) 9708 2317

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