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Ando: I had cravings for fried chicken and burgers so B and Belle suggested that we try Mary’s. It’s been on Urbanspoon’s “Talk of the Town” for some time and we thought it was better late than never.

When we arrived at the door, I forgot that it was a bar and was stupefied that some random man outside asked for my ID. I couldn’t see a sign outside the place but knew that it was the right place from looking at pictures of the entrance online. There was no one to greet us on ground level so we assumed that upstairs was where we needed to go. We were waiting for two others to join us and couldn’t get a table until they arrived, so we waited by the stairs on the upper level admiring each dish that hovered passed us.

When we finally got a table, we found ourselves struggling to talk to each other without screaming. It was a loud place but thank goodness we weren’t sitting three tables to our right where speakers were positioned directly above their heads. There were candles throughout the restaurant and the lighting was so low it made it hard for me to take Instagram pics. I eventually gave up on using my phone camera. It was a cosy place and I was intrigued with bottles of Jack Daniels used as part of their lighting system and even as sauce containers. There wasn’t much on the menu which made it easy for us to decide what to get.

Mary's, Newtown

Cheeseburger with fries ($14). The bun was soft and sweet. The patty was tender and I was fond of the messy and oily appearance. The fries tasted like it came from McDonalds. Overpriced though. Way overpriced.

Mary's, Newtown

Mary’s Burger with fries ($14). It’s a cheeseburger but with lettuce and tomato. No comment.

Mary's, Newtown

Shroom Burger with fries ($12). I preferred this burger over the Cheeseburger and Mary’s Burger. The mushroom was ‘meaty’ and made it a juicy and hearty burger.

Mary's, Newtown

Mash and gravy ($5). Tasty when you dip your fries with it but I thought the portion was too small. Meh.

Mary's, Newtown

Fried Chicken Whole Bird ($28). I have heard a lot about their fried chicken and was satisfied with what I had. The chicken pieces were crispy and not too dry.

Mary's, Newtown

Not sure if I’d be back any time soon. But if I were to return, I’d just get the Shroom Burger and Fried Chicken.

Mary's on Urbanspoon

6 Mary Street, Newtown, NSW 2042

(02) 4995 9550

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 4pm till 12am; Saturday 2pm till 12am; Sunday 2pm till 10pm.

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