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Ando: We decided to visit Hartsyard for some good old comfort food on a chilly Sydney night. And lucky for us the restaurant was well heated, had a warm ambiance and an intimate environment (the maximum group table is only for six). B and Mr K had beaten us to the restaurant and had already started on drinks when we arrived. It wasn’t long before we ordered as we had a quick glimpse over their menu whilst on the road.

Hartsyard, NewtownHartsyard, Newtown

To start off we ordered a few of the Oyster Po’ Boy – English muffin, Old Bay mayo and coleslaw ($18).  The creamy mayo harmoniously accompanied the deep fried crumb oysters and the firmness of English muffins made it a delight start to our meal.

Hartsyard, Newtown

Duck Rilettes – Fuyu persimmon, nashi pear, foie gras, duck fat toast ($29). This was definitely one of my favourite dishes. The Fuyu persimmon and nashi pear accommodated sweetness to rich and fatty nature of the foie gras.

Hartsyard, Newtown

Fried chicken – Buttermilk biscuit, low country sausage gravy ($28). Immensely crunchy and delicious! I wish it came with more chicken though!

Hartsyard, Newtown

Pulled Pork – Maple bacon, yoghurt, apple ($29). Slow cooked perfectly, the pork pieces simply melts in your mouth. We all couldn’t get enough of this dish. 

Hartsyard, Newtown

Poutine – fried potato, short rib gravy, cheddar-beer sauce ($23). A terrific hearty dish to enjoy in winter. I was pleased with the amount of cheese-beer sauce that was ladled over the potatoes. Quite pricey though.

Hartsyard, Newtown

Lamb Shoulder ($28). Not listed on the menu, Mr K stumbled upon one of the chefs whilst trying to find the bathroom and was told about the daily special – lamb shoulder. Served with chargrilled eggplant, Mr K enjoyed his selection.

Hartsyard, Newtown

Peanut Butter and Banana Sundae – pretzel ice cream, banana doughnut, salted fudge ($17). Who can resist? Bringing out our inner kid, this dessert was adult sized and tasted extremely amazing! It was sweet and dense. What more could I ask for?

Hartsyard, NewtownVanilla Cheesecake – Raspberry cookie dough, lemon ice cream, raspberry meringue ($17). Definitely my favourite dish of the night. It took us on a roller coaster ride that tasted sweet, tangy, crunchy and soft. Pow!

Hartsyard, Newtown

Hartsyard is the perfect setting for a good catchup with good friends and family accompanied with heart warming dishes.

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33 Enmore Road, Newtown, NSW 2042

(02) 8068 1473

Operating Hours: Wednesday to Friday 5:30pm till late; Saturday and Sunday 5:30pm till late; Monday and Tuesday closed.

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