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Belle: Before Ippudo opened in Sydney, Ryo was on top of my list for ramen places to try. Being located in North Sydney meant I kept putting it off for a very long time. But having tried Ippudo I felt that I had to make a comparison of the two and made the trek.

The long line of diners outside the restaurant hinted that we were at the right place. The restaurant itself is simple and rather small. Ryo accommodates approximately two dozen diners but I think it adds to it’s charm. Stepping inside reminded me of being in Japan.


Their menu was also very simple with only a few items. But I still had the hardest time to decide which bowl I was going to get. At Ryo there are two soup bases on offer, the tonkotsu (pork) and chicken. When ordering ramen I would usually get the basic soup, but that night was a bit chilli so I decided on the spicy option; Ramen in Spicy Hot Flavoured Soup with Pork, Egg and Shallots ($13.5). The soup did hit the spot.


B had the Ramen in Soy Sauce Flavoured Soup with Roast Pork, Nori, Egg and Shallots ($13.5). I found this to be slightly salty for my liking.


Mr.K had the Ramen in Miso Flavoured Soup with Egg, Roast Pork, Shallots and Bamboo Shoots ($14). This too was quite salty.


For those who aren’t keen on ramen, they also offer rice dishes and other noodle dishes.

I still prefer the ramen at Ippudo, but the trek to North Sydney was still worth it.

On a side note, they only accept cash. Also call ahead if you are heading there for dinner as they occasionally run out of stock before closing time.

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125 Falcon St, Crows Nest, NSW 2065

(02) 9955 0225

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