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B: It was an honour to be invited to dine at Ocean Room.  As you take your first step into this restaurant, you are greeted with an impressive, towering display of drinks at the bar. The ceiling is probably the next thing you notice with its beautiful, meticulously decorated bamboos that dangle.

We experienced Raita’s Tasting Menu which is a 12 course meal for $120.  In all honestly, it was absolutely worth it. All courses that came out had its own unique characteristics that kept the diners excited.

ocean room14

Ringo Collins – A delicious dry Collins with green apple & ginger subtleties. Beefeaters gin, Domaine Canton ginger, pomme verge, ginger syrup, green apple, lemon juice and soda ($18).

ocean room2

Kaki – freshly shucked Sydney rock oyster, Guinness, myoga, Yamazaki silk.  The combination of ingredients were beautiful and took an oyster dish to a whole new level.

ocean room1

Ochazuke – cold drip dash & premium gyokuro green tea, Koshihikari rice crust, flame seared latchet, umeboshi sorbet and wasabi dust.  This was a intriguing dish to start with but became even more interesting as the waitress came around and poured the green tea on top.

ocean room3

Maguro – yellow fin tuna, Sicilian green olive & buffalo mozzarella drops, crystalised yuzu, soy pearls and tomato chips.  This was a nice dish that really accentuated the fresh yellow fin tuna.  There were excellent flavours and textures.  I was intrigued by the avocado and onions that were cut into minuscule pieces, just amazing.

ocean room4

Shinjo – house-made croquette, tiger prawn & calamari and yuba angel hair.  This one seemed little more simple then the others, but nonetheless was a delightful experience.

ocean room5

Onsen – Autumn vegetable collection, yaki-onigiri, black shichimi, house made anchovy & garlic bath.  This was one of those dishes that when it arrived, all you could hear was “wow” or “ah”.  It was visually gorgeous and not only did the fondue stand out but so did the vibrant and flawless vegetables.

ocean room6

Sashimi – daily recommendation, seasonal sashimi selection. Every sashimi element had its own garnishes and decoration, it was colourful, artistic and fresh.

ocean room7

Shabu² – wagyu beef, grilled tofu, seasonal mixed vegetables, dashi consommé, lime chilli soy. This bowl came out with the lid on, didn’t look too spectacular but the taste was! I remember wishing for more, the flavours were rich and the wagyu beef was irresistibly tender.

ocean room8

Miso Cod – signature grilled miso cod fillet, ginger risotto, orange miso. I understand how this is one of their most famous dishes, it was perfectly cooked and had a caramelised glaze on the outside.

ocean room 15

Butabara – simmered pork belly, melting tofu and yuzu chilli ponzu. I don’t think anyone expected a dish like this, it was wrapped up and tided at the top – a very interesting and fun way of presenting food. The waitress came around and cut the top off, that’s when the amazing fragrance hits you. “Butabara” is Japanese for pork belly and this dish did it justice. The pork was just so tender it melts in your mouth and the broth was marvellous.

ocean room9

ocean room10

Sansui – wagyu flat iron steak, tasmanian pepper jus, quinoa crusted king prawn, Americaine cream and agedashi taro potato. This dish has a strong western fusion. The most intriguing thing was the quinoa crusted prawn, it was very crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

ocean room11

Edo-Mae sushi – three authentic Tokyo style nigiri sushi, chef’s daily recommendation. At this point of the dining experience, I believe everyone on the table were very full however we couldn’t help but try these nigiri that had been beautifully crafted. I love how they add so many little details and that carrot butterfly really is the cherry on top.

ocean room12

Amaguri – amaguri chestnut mont blanc, green tea angel cake, spiced ice cream, chestnut puree and cognac persimmon. I thought this dish is very deceiving, it looks like a savoury dish but it’s a dessert – a very memorable dessert. The mont blanc and spiced ice cream was so delicate and lovely.

ocean room13

Ground Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West, The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000

(02) 9252 9585

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DISCLAIMER: The Lamstock dined as a guest Ocean Room. Opinions are however, our own.

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