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B: Hidden in the suburb of Redfern, stands a little cafe on Regents Street. We walked for a good 10 minutes down the wrong end of the road, to realised it was only a minute walk from the station. With their convenient location and their affordable prices, there is no doubt this place is great for those USYD students after a long day of studying to feed their brains with milkshakes and juicy burgers.

The first thing we ordered was the much-talked-about PBJ Milkshake – salted peanut butter ice-cream, crunchy peanut butter, raspberry and blueberry jelly ($7). I must say this is the milkshake that would turn your world upside down and dilate your pupils, it does not disappoint! The milkshake was poured into a classic milkshake glass and the kind owner Josh gave us the remaining milkshake from the milkshake canister. The milkshake is a interesting balance of sweet and savoury and it was nice to have little bits of peanuts and berry seeds to chew on.

milk bar by cafe ish 3

Ais Freaking Awesome Chicken Wings – basket of crisp fried free range chicken wings ($13). This was another highly anticipated dish. When it came out, I think everyone on the table stopped and just stared at it like we were hungry children who hadn’t eaten for weeks. The fried chicken was literally bathed in the sweet oozy sauce and it was just sensational. Great Asian flavours and perfectly cooked crispy chicken.

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Cheeseburger – beef patty, cheese, pickles, ketchup and grilled onions ($5). The cheeseburger along with the chicken are the basic burgers served, where you have a choice to add “toppings” to make them a little more interesting.

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Chicken Burger – grilled chicken, cheese and wasabi mayo ($6). The wasabi mayo was very subtle but very appropriate, it gave the burger a little lift. Nothing too extravagant about this burger but it would be nice for those days when you just want something simple.

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Cheeseburger + Japanese topping – pickled dakion, carrot, cabbage and wasabi mayo ($5 + $3). This topping was one the more popular choices on the menu. It was a nice Asian fusion burger with great texture from the cabbage and the wasabi mayo worked perfectly with this combination.

milk bar by cafe ish 7

Double Cheeseburger + Aussie topping – roasted beetroot, free range egg, free range bacon, lettuce and tomato ($9 + $5). This isn’t a burger, it’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa! If you are into your huge “dude-food” burgers, this is for you. You can also bump it up to a triple cheese burger if you like.

milk bar by cafe ish 8

Cheeseburger + Hawaiian topping – pineapple, sweet chilli, avocado, no ketchup and no BBQ sauce ($5 + $5). It’s not your regular Hawaiian burger, with the interesting choice of sweet chilli and avocado but it works so well.

milk bar by cafe ish 5

We couldn’t pass having the Malteser Pie. The slice was monstrous, with it’s thick, buttery pastry base, irresistibly smooth milk chocolate mousse and a mountain of Maltesers. We shared one slice between 5 people and I think we all left with a sweet tooth.

milk bar by cafe ish 4

105 Regent St , Redfern NSW 2016

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