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Belle: For those who know me well, they will know that brunch is my all time favourite meal. And why is that you would ask? It is because it is a good excuse to have have either a sweet or savory meal with a good cup of coffee. So you can imagine my excitement when I learnt you can have all this sweet, savory and bitter all in one dish? When I heard about Cowbell 808 and their Fat Stacked Ricotta Hotcakes, I immediately knew I had to check this place out.

On my first visit here with B and D-lam, they ran out of the ingredients to make their hotcakes because of the busy Australia Day long weekend, so we just ordered Soy Lattes on the go.

B, D-lam and I headed back to Cowbell 808 the first free day we had. And we made sure we got there early to avoid disappointment.

808 cowbell 1

B and D-lam ordered their Soy Lattes ($3.5 + $0.5 soy).

808 cowbell 2

But I skipped the Soy Latte this time and went for the Affogato with Coconut Ice-cream ($4.5). The coconut was a refreshing taste in contrast to the espresso and was perfect for the warm summer morning. There was also a generous amount of ice-cream left over which I was happy with.

808 cowbell 4

Continuing on with the coconut theme, I knew I had to try out the Bananacolada ($9), house-made coconut yoghurt with roast bananas. At first bite it tasted strange and the yoghurt overly sour, but a few bites into it you begin to appreciate the combination of the tangy youghurt with the sweet caramelised bananas. It really did taste well together.

808 cowbell 3

And now… the dish that I waited all morning for. The Fat Stacked Ricotta Hotcakes ($16), two fat stacked ricotta hotcakes, mascarpone, bacon ice-cream, espresso syrup. This dish is truly the ultimate all-in-one brunch meal. The bacon flavour was subtle enough to not be over powering the ice cream and you get these little bits of bacon to chew on. The ricotta cakes were light, fluffy and soaks up a decent amount of the espresso syrup. It was a yummy combination. But I must warn you that it is best to be shared with one or two people. It gets overly rich and heavy and the serving size is quite generous.

808 cowbell 5

The last dish we ordered was the Cowbell 808 Burger ($18), ground chuck pattie, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions & Cowbell’s sesame seed bun. Served with spiced onion rings. This dish is another generous serving, the pattie was lightly seasoned and the cheese gave the burger a nice punch of flavour.

808 cowbell 6

We were full and satisfied from our brunch at Cowbell 808. And I am still craving that bacon ice-cream as I write this post.

Cowbell 808 on Urbanspoon

616 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

(02) 9698 5044

Opening Hours: Open 7 days 7am – 4.30pm

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