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Belle: According to my Foursquare account, I haven’t been back to Holy Basil since June 2011. I used to frequent Holy Basil and at one point I was even the mayor (on Foursquare), but over the years it’s popularity and long lines have really deterred me from going. It is a shame because I do enjoy their food. Ando, B, D-lam, Ewok and I decided to drop by recently because we were in the area and we had a huge craving for Thai food. Chicken Pad Thai to be exact.

Holy Basil boasts one of the best Thai and Laos cuisine in the area and has changed the eatery scene of Canley Heights.

We decided not to be adventurous and decided to order our usual dishes.

We started off with Curry Puffs ($8.9 for 4 pieces). D-Lam and I were too hungry to wait for the puffs to cool and decided to munch into these little puffs of flaky pastry the second it arrived on our table. Bad decision. Our tongues were scalded by the piping hot curry and vegetable filling. It was delicious nonetheless. Furthermore, the coriander worked well with the sweet chili sauce making it a perfect accompaniment to the Curry Puffs.

holy basil2

We can never go to Holy Basil without ordering the Chicken Pad Thai ($12.9). It is my Thai food staple where ever I go eat Thai. Their Pad Thai never disappoints. The sauce is a perfect balance of sweet and sour. I did notice that their serving size did decrease, or maybe it was just the fact that we were all too hungry.

holy basil8

Their Roast Duck Red Curry ($17.9) is also another favourite of mine. They give a generous amount of duck meat, but more vegetables would have been nice.

holy basil1

I usually love their Laos Tiger Beef Salad ($14.9), but this time it was disappointing. It is another dish that I have realised the decreasing portion size. It was lot different than to what I remember. The dish was overly salty and lacking in chili, the beef was also dry and there was a lot more beef in proportion to salad.

holy basil4

The last meal we ordered was the Laos BBQ Charcoal Chicken ($13.9) which was served with a small side of papaya salad. The chicken was lovely and tender with a nice charcoal flavour. But the dipping sauce that came with it did not make a nice combination. The strong charcoal flavour from the chicken clashed with the fish sauce.

holy basil3

And to wash it all down, you can never go wrong with an icy cold fruit shake. We ordered the Avocado and Durian Shake ($6 each) which were both delicious and refreshing.

holy basil5

holy basil6

And finally, you cannot leave Holy Basil without having some of their famous Fried Ice Cream ($13.9). The deep fried filo pastry wrapped around the triangle shaped vanilla ice cream is always perfectly crispy. The caramel sauce has a nice burnt flavour and the fried coconuts with sultanas give a nice texture to the dish. It is a pricey dessert, but worth every cent!

holy basil7

It was nice to be back to Holy Basil after all these years and it reminded me why I loved Thai food.

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233 Canley Vale Road, Canley Heights, NSW 2166

(02) 9727 7585

Operating Hours: Lunch 12pm – 3pm; Dinner Sunday to Wednesday 5pm – 10pm, Thursday to Saturday 5pm – 11pm

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