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B: Walking around Sheffield, this little restaurant tucked away at the end of the street really caught my attention with their cottage-like exterior. This look continued inside and for a moment it felt as I was at nana’s place. They had cute mix-and-match couches, doilies, teapot cozies and best of all, they specialise in scones!

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A serve consists of 2 scones of your choice, with jam and cream for $6. When we visited they had six flavours available: plain, date, pumpkin, savoury, treacle and sultana.

Plain and sultana scones. These scones were absolutely delicious – it was warm, soft and fluffy.

highlander restaurant 4

Savoury and treacle scones. The savoury scone had an unusual taste with chewy bits but was in harmony with the butter. This was the first time I came across a treacle scone. It had a unique taste and was a sweet finish to the selection.

highlander restaurant 5

Mr.K couldn’t wait so he drank his coffee before I could take a photo. He ordered a large mocha and with an extra 50c you could add Red Cow milk which he said was very creamy ($4.5).

highlander restaurant 2

I ordered the usual, a soy latte ($4.5).

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If you ever drive by Sheffield or in my case, having also stayed here, I do recommend popping in for some scones.

Highlander Restaurant & Scottish Scone Shop on Urbanspoon

62 Main Street, Sheffield, TAS 7306

(03) 6491 1077

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