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Ando: If you’re driving towards the city on Parramatta Road you might miss the quick turn onto Barr Street if you don’t keep your eyes on the road. Parking wasn’t hard for us on this particular day. Along with the cloudy weather and street paintings pinned up against warehouse walls, I felt as though I was in Melbourne.

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With numerous pots adorning the entrance to the once Weston biscuit factory and homely furnishings scattered neatly both inside and outside of this café, this would be a treat on a lazy Sunday. It was delightful to see an original fixture from the Weston biscuit roller within the cafe.

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What I realised after from looking at their menu in store was that they haven’t updated their website menu prices. I do like how they have an all-day breakfast menu which makes it great for late rises such as myself. Stainless steel bench tops, vintage looking tiles, wooden bookshelves, recipe books, jars of spices and quirky paintings all added to a homely atmosphere.

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For coffee, Runcible Spoon uses Golden Cobra beans. I ordered a Piccolo Latte ($3.5 + $0.5 soy). The coffee wasn’t bad but the soy milk that they used was too watery and made the whole drink unpleasant.

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B ordered a Coffee Bowl ($4.5 + $0.5 soy) and found it hard to consume it in its entirety as it tasted predominately of milk.

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I’ve never tried a Thai Styled Fried Eggs with jasmine rice, tomato, coriander and nam jim ($15) before so this was my choice. I wanted to add Pork Belly ($4.5) to this dish but unfortunately they ran out of it. The hot, sour and tangy dressing of nam jim was a lovely accompaniment but I loved the oily film left in my mouth from the fried egg. The dish was a tad expensive for my liking and it was a shame that my dish came out with dirty marks.

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B ordered the Crisp Potato Roesti with slow roast tomatoes, poached eggs and bacon ($16.50). It was an unsatisfying dish due to it’s blandness and was too pricy for such a small portion.

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D-Lam ordered the Grass Fed Beef Burger with tomato, lettuce, mustard pickles and beetroot relish and aioli ($15). She was content with the juiciness of the beef patty and the freshness of the bread.

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It was a bit disturbing that throughout our meals we had uncollected dishes lying on tables around us and had flies hovering around us. I would consider going back for their chilled ambience but not anytime soon due their food.

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Runcible Spoon on Urbanspoon

27 Barr Street, Camperdown, NSW 2050

(02) 9517 2727

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 6.30am – 4pm; Saturday and Sunday 7am – 3pm

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