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Belle: After my three week adventure in Japan filled with copious amounts of food, (most of which were fried or mainly carbohydrate based) I was longing for some fresh greens, clean foods and a good cup of coffee. And Bread & Circus seemed like a good choice. Bread & Circus is a wholefoods canteen located in the industrial suburb of Alexandria. It is neatly hidden behind the Don Campos store which fronts two stories of factory-converted offices.


The eatery’s interior is flooded with natural light and have a number of pot plants, fruit and crockery scattered around to create a homely feeling. The seatings are arranged in a communal setting.




Unfortunately my flight back to Sydney was delayed that morning, leaving me stranded at Gold Coast Airport and having to have my lunch at the airport. By the time I arrived in Sydney it was mid afternoon and my hunger had ceased. So Ando and B decided we will pop by for light meal and some much needed coffee.

B decided to go for a glass of Organic Lemongrass + Ginger Soy Chai when we saw a large glass drink dispenser sitting on the counter. Unfortunately the flavour didn’t live up to our expectations. You do get the sense of the lemongrass and ginger but only slight hints. I would have preferred it a lot more if the flavours were intensified.


For the food, I chose a side size of the Fresh Shredded Cabbage & Kale in Yuzu-Pomegranate Vinaigrette ($10). The specks of sea salt really enhanced the sweetness of the cabbage and the vinaigrette. Without the sea salt, the salad would be a bit lacking in flavour. This dish satisfied my craving for a fresh crunch salad.


Ando had The Daily Plate which was a Slow Cooked Marino Parmesan Black Truffle Polenta w/ an even slower cooked Tomato & Fennel Ragu ($20). This dish was honestly hard to finish. It was lacking in flavour and was very bland. It really needed a bit more saltiness to the dish.


I was slightly disappointed by the food at Bread & Circus. It did not live to the reviews that I have read about it. Perhaps it was just a case of the food not matching to my salty palette.

We decided to finish off the meal with some Campos coffee from Don Campos.


Although both stores are located in the same floor, it was a shame that you could not order eat-in for both stores. We had to order our coffee in take away cups, but I did not mind as my jet lagged body was setting in and all I wanted do do was go home and relax.

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21 Fountain Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015

(02) 9698 2939

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 8am – 4pm

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