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Ando: Is it too soon for another froyo post on our blog? Perhaps. But it doesn’t matter! I can’t believe that four of the froyo joints in Strathfield are so close in terms of vicinity and that the queues don’t seem to diminish. I don’t know where all these people are coming from! Located close to the Strathfield Train Station, Yogurberry’s bright neon lights definitely assist in drawing in large crowds.

We were fortunate to arrive on the last day of their opening promotion which meant 50% off froyo! There are many aspects that make this froyo more attractive than its competitors and that includes larger floor space and numerous tables to accommodate groups, loud music and various self-serve froyo flavours to pick from. On this particular night, they had a DJ at the far end of the store and even had a costumed rabbit (mascot perhaps?)

When their promotional period ended, we revisited the store and though the lines were still long, there were staff that greeted us at the door and the rabbit played games such as rock-paper-scissors with those in the queues. If you won against the rabbit, you’d get 20% off your purchase. The froyo rate here is 20c/10 grams.

During our visit, the flavours that they had on offer included chocolate, green apple, blueberry, passion fruit, peach, strawberry, plain, taro and mango. They even had a huge variety of toppings rivaling their other competitors. Their taro froyo was amazing! I often stick to taro and green tea, although I find their green tea froyo too sweet!

If you are or going to be a regular don’t forget to ask for a loyalty card! Having opened in World Square Shopping Centre, Chatswood and Eastwood, I wish them all the best in their new store.

Yogurberry Strathfield on Urbanspoon

4 The Boulevarde, Strathfield

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