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B: I have to admit, I am a sucker for coupons. So when I saw that  Foveaux (the one hatted restaurant) had a coupon, I bought it straight away. The coupon was worth $120 for two people, but I got it for $59. This may be the last food coupon I ever buy unless it’s from a respectable restaurant like Foveaux, because the last two restaurants that I purchased with coupons were absolutely appalling. I was really happy with the service Foveaux provided, treating me like a real customer not like other restaurants (Sushi-Ya Glebe and Lime Cafe).

The coupon allowed a selection of one entree and one main per person. Before the mains came out, we had complementary sourdough bread with butter.

Straight after the bread, we also had complementary Tomato Soup with Olive and Parmesan Stick. It wasn’t very big, but that’s all you need because this soup was so intense and delicious.

For the entree, I had the Rabbit Terrine, Raisin, Roquefort with salad of Walnut, Endive, Apple and Celery. I’m not a big fan of celery, but this dish made it very enjoyable. The rabbit terrine had an amazing rich, pâté-like flavour.

Mr.K had the Crispy Chicken Wings, Scallop, Creamed Curly Kale and Smoked Hock Glaze for his entree. This dish was packed full of strong flavours and the crispy chicken skin was perfect.

For my main, Roasted Venison Leg, Mushroom Purée, Juniper Oil, Spaetzle, Pickled Red Cabbage with Apple and Spinach Onion. The venison was perfectly cooked the way I liked and the mushroom purée was exquisite.

Roasted Veal Sirloin, Caper and Veal Chips, White Anchovy Purée and Brussel Spouts. A beautiful and rich combination of flavours. The veal chip and the anchovy purée really caught my attention – very unusual but worked well.

We were so happy with the service and the food, we couldn’t stop at the mains so we ordered extra desserts. Roasted Strawberries, Pistachio Frangipane, Sheep’s Yoghurt Sorbet, Fennel Pollen Jelly and Sweet Grissini ($16). A variety of amazing textures and flavours. The fennel jelly was actually quite pungent but I enjoyed it.

Chestnut Gelato, Chocolate, Coffee Cloud, Pear and Ginger ($16). Like the previous dessert, this one also had a variety of delectable textures and flavours. The ginger really gave this dessert that extra lift.

Single Origin Organic Coffee ($5) served with a selection of Petit Fours. The petit fours included two mandarine sweets and two white-chocolate and passionfruit macarons. A perfect treat to end a memorable dining experience.

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65-67 Foveaux St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

(02) 9211 0664

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 6pm – late.

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