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Ando: Ok, I have finally set foot in this place! I have heard so much about Green Peppercorn since it opened. Today Belle, B and I decided that it was time to give this place a go. Green Peppercorn is located within the same building as Fairfield Hotel but you are able to enter the restaurant without going through hotel. We assumed that since it was part of the hotel we could park at the hotel car park but this was not the case. There was a man standing there shooing people if they were planning to eat at Green Peppercorn. When we left the restaurant we saw that he was still at it!

Walking into the restaurant, I felt a disconnect as there was so much space between the entrance and the counter where the waiter/waitress stood. I found out that this space was nonexistent later on in the night as it housed large crowds of customers waiting for a table. There was an assortment of South East Asian interiors scattered throughout the restaurant including a tut-tut that we were amused by. We were led to our tables and as we browsed our menus, it was a delight to gaze up at sculptures and artworks that hung on the walls. There was even a pair of gold graceful hands displayed on the window frame directly behind B.

The lady who took our order did not look like she wanted to be there which dampened the mood. Thankfully she never returned and the other staff were a treat to deal with. The first meal to come out was B’s choice, the Pad Thai with Chicken ($12.90). The stir fried noodles with garlic, chives, red onions, egg and garnished with bean sprouts and crushed peanuts was spicy yet sweet and overall was a sublime dish. Similar to it’s sister restaurant Holy Basil, the Pad Thai is highly recommended.

Belle’s choice was the Gang Ped Yang (Red Curry Roast Duck – $16.90), which consisted of a rich red curry of roasted duck with cherry tomatoes, pineapples, lychee, chilli and Thai basil. The dish was mild and had a sweet fragrance. We ordered two quantities of steamed rice ($3.50 each) thinking that it came in bowls. We should of asked beforehand but at the end did not mind the two pots of rice.

I went for a Green Peppercorn speciality and ordered the Soop Ma Pi (Banana Flower Salad with Chicken – $14.90), which included thinly sliced banana flower salad tossed with chicken, spices, coconut cream and aromatics. This dish had such intense flavours and was drenched from top to bottom with their aromatic dressing. I was thankful for the extra rice that we ordered. I went into the restaurant with the mindset of eating healthy and I thought a salad would be the right choice. Nope!

When we were almost finished with our mains, this place had turned from a peaceful dining experience to one that is almost deafening! I kid you not, it was difficult to even talk amongst each other! The open floor plan combined with tiles and a lack of acoustic panels resulted in us yelling at each other to be heard. Go early to avoid this ordeal!

In regards to our mains, we had our dishes taken away from us IMMEDIATELY after our dishes “looked” finished. We knew at this point that this was going to happen to our desserts as well. We understood that there were people waiting for tables but this was unquestionably an unpleasant experience!

Now to dessert! We knew we had to order the Pandan Creme Brulee ($14) and we were so glad we did! The caramelisation of sugar was perfect and so was the balance between the cream and sweetness. The ramekin was too thin but other than that, it was an exquisite dessert!

Having only one dessert would be torturous so we ordered the Coconut Sticky Rice with Durian ($14.90). We weren’t sure if the tables next to us turned their heads because of the smell of durian or just the fact that it’s dessert! The sticky rice wasn’t overly sweet and the contrast of warm stick rice went well with the ice cream. A delectable dish indeed!

The price of the dishes at Green Peppercorn were moderately priced and a lot of effort has been put into the presentation of food. It’s definitely a charming place to bring family and friends but if we come back we will certainly try and avoid the peak periods.

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1 Hamilton Road, Fairfield, NSW 2165

(02) 9724 7842

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