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B: The Fish Shop is another one of Merivale’s relatively new restaurants. Mr.K and I visited The Fish Shop on a late Sunday afternoon and was pleased to find this place quiet with only 5 or so tables occupied. The interior is amazing, you could tell everything in the restaurant has thought put into it. The front of the cafe felt like a shabby old cafe on the wharf and the bar at the back felt as though we were below deck. Even the bathrooms had their own little quirks with the doors labelled ‘buoys’ and ‘gulls’.

The menus are really fun and creative and yet again more puns! Who doesn’t love puns? This place is full of them!

Mr.K ordered the Coconut Water ($6). We were happy to see a real coconut instead of a can.

I orded the Ben Shaw’s D & B ($4). Even though the staff personally told me that she didn’t like it, I enjoyed it. I think its more of an acquired taste.

Fisherman’s Basket – for two ($28). It’s a little different to your typical fisherman’s basket and contained 2 oysters, 2  king prawns, 4 pieces of cuttlefish, 2 fish pieces and chips served with pickled chilli and tartare sauce. I really enjoyed this because it was fresh, simple and perfectly cooked.

Dan’s Famous Cheeseburger ($17). If this is what a cheeseburger should taste like, I don’t know where I’ve been living all my life… it was heavenly! It was so flavourful with its bacon pickles and onions. We also discovered the meat patty was sandwiched between two slices of cheese! The meat patty was medium rare with a little bit of pink in the middle which made it so succulent and literally mouthwatering.

The Fish Shop on Urbanspoon
22 Challis Avenue, Potts Point, NSW 2011

(02) 9326 9000

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday. Kitchen 12pm – 11pm; Bar, 12pm – late.

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