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Belle: What? Ice Cream being made right in front of you? When my cousin MJ told me about this place, I knew I had to see this for myself!

Ando, B and D-Lam and I headed here after I finished class last Thursday and the unusually warm winters day made it perfect weather for ice cream. Well, anytime of the year is perfect for ice cream.

N2 Extreme Gelato is located in an unusual place at one of the back streets of Chinatown.

And what make N2 Extreme Gelato different from any other ice cream parlor is how they make the ice cream. They use the simple, but cool technique of mixing flavoured cream with liquid nitrogen to create a deliciously creamy and smooth ice cream.

The interior of this place replicates a science lab. At the front of the store sits two large cylinder cans full of liquid nitrogen in a steel cage covered with caution signs. The glass counter is filled with numerous flasks filled with all the different flavoured creams. The staff also play their part by wearing lab coats and science goggles.

The wall behind the counter is a large blackboard which is used as a menu and is constantly updated.

On the wall was a scatter diagram (keeping up with the science theme) which locates the different flavours on a creamy-fruity scale and on an exiting-boring scale.

The fun part about being in the store is watching the staff put the ice cream together. When the nitrogen is poured into the mixer with the cream, a big cloud of smoke takes over the bench. It is magical!

So when it was time for us to pick the flavours, it was natural for all of us to steer towards the unusual flavours. We tried the Butter Popcorn ($6) first. It had a nice sweet buttery taste with surprises of popcorn kernels.

The other two we decided to get was the Cough Medicine (Chinese Herbal) ($6) which actually reminded me that red herbal canned drink, and Oleshya’s Secret (Spicy Strawberry) ($6) which was exactly what the menu described a spicy strawberry taste. At first all you taste is a nice fruity strawberry flavour, and then the chili kicks in. Pow!

It was cool trying all these unusual and wierd flavours, but at the end it was a bit too much and we were struggling to finish it off. For $6 it was well worth it, the servings were quite generous. The next time I head back I am definitely going to try their “safe” flavours.

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43/1 Dixon St, Sydney, NSW 2000


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