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B: On a Monday afternoon, Mr.K and I were pleased to find Little Marionette on the Dale still open. We rushed there knowing we only had less than half an hour to eat before they closed but luckily the staff were very friendly and were willing to serve us. The Little Marionette beans are also used at Circa where I frequently get my coffee. The beans are also roasted on site which is exiting to see.

Located on the corner of Trafalgar St and Albion St, it isn’t hard to find. Unless you are like Mr.K and I who can’t read maps.

The cafe was cute, chilled and quirky. The large opening window gives you a view of the Centre Point Tower in the distance. I also read from BeanScene magazine that “indie-folk band Boy & Bear are frequent weekend sippers and have had several album covers shot there”. But what really took my breath away, was the revolving bookshelf door! I never thought I would ever see one in my life! The door led to another room filled with leather couches and a deer’s head hanging on the wall.

I ordered the usual, Soy Latte ($4). A smooth, nutty taste. The house blend is a four-bean blend with a combination of beans from South America and Africa.

Mr.K had the Mocha ($4). I had a sip and thought it was amazing as you literally get both equal taste of coffee and chocolate. A lot of places over-do the chocolate. This is where their dark, nutty beans help.

We wanted to try the Lamb Shank Pie, but they ran out. Apparently their pies and quiches sell like hot cakes. Get in early if you want them. Fortunately they had the Beer and Brisket Pie ($6). Absolutely delicious, with chunky brisket pieces and buttery pastry.

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