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Ando: It’s a Sunday afternoon and D-Lam was going to pass Granville on her way home from Parramatta so the crew decided that we should meet up at Granville for some lunch. When we arrived, the line stretched outside the door. I guess we weren’t the only ones craving charcoal chicken from this well known institution! The smell of charcoal was definitely in the air!

I’m not a fan of places that accept “cash only” but to help customers out, El Jannah has an ATM in its restaurant. I was planning to snap a picture of it after the meal but I forgot to.

Though the lines are long, it moves pretty quick and by no time we were there at the counter still wondering what to order. Once we ordered we grabbed our table number and sat down. If you decide to dine in, they will provide you with complimentary lebanese bread and pickles. Just note that the price jumps up quite a bit if you decide to dine in!

To start off, we ordered 4 falafels for $1.50 each. There’s a minimum order of 3 falafels if you want to get this. B and Belle saw them moulding falafels the last time they were here. It’s nice to know that they’re fresh!

I find that their regular sized chips ($4) are quite large. I wonder how big the family size must be!

My shawarma (beef) roll with tahini sauce, parsley, onion, tomato and pickles ($7.90) came out next and I was very pleased with it. The beef was tender and the refreshing pickles made it a very enjoyable meal.

Our half chicken ($10.50) arrived and it looked so delicious. We couldn’t wait to dive in! Charcoal chicken and their legendary garlic sauce is what El Jannah are famous for and it does not let us down. I’m a heavy sauce abuser and I believe that it wasn’t enough! I was using the sauce up for the chips and left only a bit left for the chicken which was a bit of a shame. We should’ve ordered more! Next time!

Granville’s the original store but they are also located in Punchbowl if you’re interested. You can also place an online pickup order though there is a minimum spend of $20 and you can only pay by credit card or PayPal.

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