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B: You know you are in for a hearty treat once you realise that the furniture, walls, ceiling and floors are mainly hardwood. Essen specialises in authentic Northern European dishes and provides a range of European beer. We unfortunately didn’t drink any but I definitely will come back here for drinks with friends. Ando, Belle and I specifically came here on a Thursday to try their famous Reuben Sandwich which is only available on Thursdays and Fridays. I love how this place trophies jars of pickles on their walls and hang quirky little knick-knacks.

For all students out there, remember to ask for the student discount. We got the Jager Schnitzel and drink (or beer) for $20.

Before the dishes came out, we were served two small plates of pickled cabbage and two types of horse radish relish to accompany the reuben sandwich. I found the white radish more hot compared to the red radish.

Instead of going with tap beer, we chose ginger beer to accompany our meals. I was glad to find they stock this New Zealand organic ginger beer, which are only found in selected stores.

Camembert – crumbed and deep fried served with cranberry compote ($10). These are little gooey-goodness of gold! I kind of felt spoilt having so much camembert at once. Delicious! Especially for those cheese-lovers out there like myself.

Jager Schnitzel – veal, pork or chicken schnitzel with creamy mushroom sauce ($22.50). We ordered the chicken. It is also served with roesti, a Swiss potato dish, or in this case as a side. One word: huge!

Reuben Sandwich – corned beef, swiss cheese, and sauerkraut on toasted rye bread with chips and a large pickle ($22.50). This is a dish that I would get out of my way for. Again, huge serving! This delectable, warm sandwich just melts in your mouth.

To finish off this meal lunch… complimentary mint chocolates!

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