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B: I personally think this is one of Fairfield’s hidden gems. Its not often you find a Chilean bakery/cafe. I have been to others, but I always seem to be coming back to this one.

I love how amazing food comes from the most average looking places. When you walk in, you’ll get distracted by the long displays of South American sweets and desserts until you realise you should probably go order first. Their menu ranges from the casual empanadas, hotdogs and sandwiches to main meals of pork ribs, tortillas and Chilean corn pies.

After ordering at the counter, find yourself a table preferably the ones with the sauces, if not… grab it from another table.

I highly recommend the Mote con Huesillo ($5.50). It’s a traditional Chilean beverage, very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer’s day. Its pretty much a preserved peach swimming on a bed of cooked husk wheat.

Also, try the Inca Kola “The Golden Kola” ($2.50), a popular South American soda (originated in Peru). Only sold in speciality stores in Australia.

Baked Empanada de Pino ($3.80) beef, onion, olive, egg and spices.

Baked Empanada de Pollo ($3.50) chicken, onion, olive, egg and spices.

Fried Empanada de Carne ($3.80) beef, onion, olive, egg and spices. I personally think the fried empanada taste better because the pastry is more thin and light.

Completo + Palta ($6.80) frankfurt, sauerkraut, tomato, avocado and mayonnaise.

Lomito Completo + Palta ($9.80) sliced pork meat, tomato, sauerkraut, avocado, mayonnaise. This is probably my favourite, however, if you aren’t a fan of sauerkraut like Ando, you’ll probably eat around it.

Unfortunately I don’t have the photots of the desserts, but they are also a must!

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