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Ando: Flicking through the good cafe guide on a Friday or Saturday night for some good coffee doesn’t leave me with many options in my area but there is one place that I am thankful for! Coffee Warehouse & Deli! I refer to this place as ‘Di Stefano’ because this is where the ‘Di Stefano’ beans are roasted. My first time here was during a weekday around 3-5pm and was shocked to see such a huge premise! I guess I was expecting a small sized cafe and forgot that it was a ‘warehouse’. Aside from roasting their own beans here, they also hold barista classes, sell coffee equipment, have a huge deli selection and even have a pizzeria!

On a Friday and Saturday night it’s packed, it’s loud and there are queues at times! The atmosphere is really family friendly and I love how selected chairs have throws over them. Handy when it’s chilly! If you are interested in seeing how the barista’s making your coffee, then you’re in luck cause they have placed these large TVs above the ordering station showing the barista’s work station. Interesting!

The red velvet was dense just how I like it and I decided to also order a plain pizzelle served with custard and fresh panna ($5). I heard of ‘pizzelle’ from Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Edge of Glory performance and thought that I should try it out. I don’t really know the difference but it tasted just like a waffle.

The ricotta cake was tasty but pleasing to the eye? Maybe not.

The flat white with soy that was made with Caffe Di Stefano Maestro (sweet and smooth milk chocolate notes with a creamy nutty finish) and the soy latte was made with Caffe Di Stefano Forte (smooth, dark chocolate and cocoa sweetness). Even their hot chocolate is from their own Caffe Di Stefano blend but their was nothing special about it except for the latte art.

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