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Ando: Trying to avoid peak hour, you know that time when everyone finishes dinner and hops to dessert, we decided to drop in this cafe around 7.30pm. Surely people haven’t finished their mains by now have they? We walked in and there were 4 people here… thank goodness! We were escorted to a table with speakers above our heads blasting music from the 1950s and 1960s. Quite deafening though.

With the menu designed by Adriano Zumbo here and we decided to try three desserts. We’ve been here several times before and this time we knew we wanted to try the chocolate hazelnut dome. Unfortunately they ran out and we ended up with the caramel dome and oh my is it sticky. It’s a enjoyable dessert but I can’t wait till the hazelnut dome returns.

We also got the raspberry meringue tart. It was quite well balanced between the ever so soft meringue and the acidity of the berries.

The salted dark chocolate mud cake was my favourite of the night! With only a sprinkle of salt on top, the density of the cake just makes you melt. I’m drooling just thinking about it. I highly recommend you try this out if you get the chance!

We also ordered a soy latte and a soy hot chocolate. There was only one size for the latte and they used Toby’s Estate. Their hot chocolate is also something that I would recommend. Perfect for scarf and beanie weather!

We asked for the bill at around 8.30 and the guy never came around. We waited for quite some time and then eventually just paid at the counter. There were heaps of people around this time and many were waiting for a table. We scooted out hoping that some people would enjoy the seats that we had (the one with speakers over our heads).

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