Original Meatball Company, Sydney


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Belle: When I think of meatballs at an eatery, the first thing that pops into my head is Ikea. To be honest I never eat meatballs all that often and it is also a menu item that you regularly see on menus. So to see a new eatery dedicated to just meatballs only is very exciting. The flavour combinations are limitless and with their extensive menu, trying just one type of meatball was not enough.

We arrived just at the beginning of OMC’s peak lunch hour and managed to grab a seat along the window bench. We were greeted by Dominic, one of the co-owners of the restaurant. With the store only being open for six weeks, it is already bringing in the crowd with it’s wide variety of meatballs and flavour combination.


It was a given that we had to try the Swedish Ja – pork and veal balls w/ lingonberry jam, mushroom gravy, sweet mustard, Swiss cheese served on soft brioche. If Ikea meatballs and Ikea hot dogs had an illegitimate child, and was raised in New York, this would be the dish. There was a burst of different flavour combinations in this dish.


High Roller – chicken balls w/ parmesan cream sauce, sautéed mushrooms, bacon bits, chopped chives, served on soft brioche. This roll is the ultimate dude food, and as Dominic explained it is also the perfect hang over meal. I would have to agree. It is rich, heavy and delicious. The bacon bits give the dish another textural element.


The previous two dishes were more on the heavier side so I felt I needed something light. The blackboard on the wall caught my attention, and I decided to get one of their special dishes. Spiro the Hero – lamb balls w/ caramelised onion, fresh tomato, dressed rocket, feta cheese, rosemary mayo served on on rustic white.


For those who are on a no carb diet, they also offer salad options. We decided to try another of their specials on the board. San Quack Bow – duck balls, fresh cucumber, coriander, sliced challots, hoi sin sauce and mayo mixed in mesclun salad. At first I wasn’t sure about having hoi sin sauce in a salad, but the first bite convinced me otherwise. It is fresh and exciting. Also the chinese five spices added in the meatball helped make it more aromatic.


There are a few more rolls that I am still wanting to try and I will be back for a few more rounds to try some of the other rolls and salads available.


Original Meatball Company on Urbanspoon

Shop 3, 56 York St, Sydney 2000

(02) 8214 8403


Operating Hours: Monday to Wednesday 9am till 4pm. Thursday & Friday 9am till 9:30pm.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Carlii from Carlii Lyon Public Relations and dined as a guest of Original Meatball Company. Opinions are however, our own.

Ippudo, Sydney


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Belle: Ippudo has always been my go to ramen place in Sydney. Ever since they opened two years ago, I have made many treks to the city to have a bowl of that sweet tonkotsu broth. We were recently invited to dine as guests of Ippudo and I thought it was a perfect time to try some items off their ‘monthly specials’.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 10

Ando and I arrived on a Monday night and were lucky to find it a little less packed because it meant that we would be able to get our hands on some ramen sooner!

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 9

But first we started off with their famous Ippudo Pork Bun ($4) – steamed bun with braised pork and Ippudo original sauce. I honestly can’t get enough of these buns; soft and fluffy. And the melt in your mouth pork slices with their special sauce is perfection.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 2

Ippudo Shrimp Bun ($5) – steamed bun with deep-fried shrimp and ippudo original sauce. Similar to the pork buns, but with the tempura prawn in the centre. The pork bun is still my favourite.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 3

To wash it down, we ordered their Homemade Lemon Lime and Bitters ($5). I liked how this drink had a lot more punch of lime compared to your traditional lemon lime and bitters.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 4

Wagyu Tataki ($16) – lightly seared wagyu slices served with ponzu dressing and spicy radish garnish. I liked how this dish was presented, the slices of wagyu beef used to form a rose. The novelty of peeling it ‘petal by petal’ was enjoyable. The marbled slices were simply delicious!

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 5

Samurai Ribs ($18) – pork spare ribs, flavoured with reduction of koikuchi soy sauce served with orange puree and seven-spice chili pepper. I have never ordered this dish before, but Ando is a big fan and he highly recommended it. And I am glad we chose this dish. I wasn’t too sure about the orange puree in the beginning, but it did grow on me after a few bites. The dish was a combination of sweet, spicy, salty and acidic.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 6

Miso Tonkotsu Special ($24) – topped with pork belly, chashu, bamboo shoots, shallots, cabbage, bean sprouts and half nitamago. The miso tonkotsu ramen is a blend of specially selected white miso infused with Ippudo’s creamy signature pork broth. This ramen is perfect to keep you warm on cold winter days. The added miso to their tonkotsu broth was enjoyable. At the end I did find it a little too salty for my liking, but Ando on the other hand managed to finish every last drop of that broth.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 8

Spicy Black Special ($24) – topped with special miso paste, pork belly chashu, coriander and bean sprouts. Ippudo’s Spicy Black is the spiced up version of the standard Tan Tan Men with an added kick of extra black garlic oil. The spiciness is balanced off with the sweet fragrance of our special sesame paste mixed in with the pork broth. The soup was mind blowing. It was very rich and aromatic from the spices.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 7

Ippudo is a place that never disappoints and the staff there are always attentive.

Ippudo Sydney The Lamstock 1

Ippudo Sydney on Urbanspoon

Level 5 Westfield Sydney, 188 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000

(02) 8078 7020


Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday 11am till 10pm. Friday to Saturday 11am till 11pm. Sunday 11am till 9pm.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Sana from SD Marketing and dined as a guest of Ippudo Sydney. Opinions are however, our own.

PappaRich, Parramatta


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Ando: I missed out on the PappaRich Parramatta opening as I was interstate but once I returned to Sydney, I made it my mission to visit. Since it is located within the Westfield Parramatta complex, it meant that parking for diners is less hassle. We arrived on a busy weeknight, Belle and I had to wait 5 minutes before we were seated but that gave us plenty of time to browse the menu.

PappaRich Parramatta Malaysian The Lamstock Food Blog 1Whilst seated we were handed a menu and there was an ordering pad on the table. We wrote down what we wanted, pressed the table buzzer and handed our order to the waiter. Since PappaRich just opened, the waiter informed us that there would be a 15 minute wait for the satay sticks and roti. We didn’t mind the wait.

PappaRich Parramatta Malaysian The Lamstock Food Blog 2

Milo Dinosaur – Iced milo ($4.5). Kopi Cham Milo – Iced coffee and milo ($4.5). I prefer the iced beverages over the hot ones as I find the portion size for hot beverages a little too small!

PappaRich Parramatta Malaysian The Lamstock Food Blog 4

Satay Mixed – 3 sticks of satay chicken and 3 sticks of satay beef ($13.9). Meats here are marinated in fresh lemongrass and turmeric to give it a fragrant smell and unique taste. The sticks are served with their homemade satay sauce (peanut sauce), cucumbers and onion. The raw onions here were intense! I could hardly eat two pieces!

PappaRich Parramatta Malaysian The Lamstock Food Blog 5

Roti Canai with Beef Rendang ($13.9). Roti Canai is a type of Indian-influenced flat bread originally from India but also found in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is soft and fluffy in the inside but crispy and flaky on the outside. The beef rendang was slightly cold when served and seemed as though its been sitting around the kitchen. The sambal was hot and spicy just how we liked it.

PappaRich Parramatta Malaysian The Lamstock Food Blog 7

Nasi Lemak (2 dishes) with Curry Chicken & Sambal Prawn ($15.9). The steamed rice was infused with aromatic coconut milk and served with curry chicken, sambal prawns, fried anchovies, fried peanuts, hard boiled egg, daily made spicy sambal and cucumber slices. Again, the sambal was the winning element of the dish.

PappaRich Parramatta Malaysian The Lamstock Food Blog 6

No split bills are allowed and there is a $30 minimum on EFTPOS. I’m loving PappaRich in Parramatta and have already been twice!

PappaRich on Urbanspoon

Westfield Parramatta Shop 2185A, 159-175 Church Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150

(02) 9633 3387



James’ Bistro & Tona’s Coffee Shop, Fairfield


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Ando: So… Belle and I were craving burgers and for the past few weeks we’ve been putting off trying the burger range James’ Bistro. When we actually arrived, sat down and looked at the menu, we were slightly surprised to see that they only had one burger on the menu! We asked what happened to the burger range and the waitress told us that they recently changed their menu just three weeks ago and that the restaurant is also under new management. Another new menu change? This would be the third menu overhaul that comes to mind. The waitress even remembered us from our visit earlier this year!

James James' Bistro Fairfield Tona's Tonas Coffee Shop 1

Also congratulations to Tona’s Coffee Shop for making it into The Sydney Morning Herald Good Cafe Guide 2014. Sharing the same space with James’ Bistro, you can now order coffee, pastries and cakes whilst dining in or just get it on the go!

James James' Bistro Fairfield Tona's Tonas Coffee Shop 2

James James' Bistro Fairfield Tona's Tonas Coffee Shop 3

For today, we ordered a Large Flat White and a Piccolo. Toby’s Estate beans are used here. It’s great that I don’t have to travel too far for a good cup of coffee!

James James' Bistro Fairfield Tona's Tonas Coffee Shop 8

American Style Fried Chicken Wings, Chimichurri Sauce ($12). The batter was crunchy and a delight to eat. Belle dipped her chicken wings in the Chimichurri whilst I didn’t. I found it well seasoned to the extent that I didn’t need a dipping sauce. Otherwise I would have preferred a creamier sauce such as an aioli.

James James' Bistro Fairfield Tona's Tonas Coffee Shop 5

The “James” Burger, angus patty, aged cheddar, caramelised onions, bacon, tomato, beetroot and pickles with fries ($15.5). Overall, a simple yet tasty burger. In the image below, it doesn’t look very big but mind you that it made me quite full (Well, I guess I also had the wings beforehand). I couldn’t even finish off the chips!

James James' Bistro Fairfield Tona's Tonas Coffee Shop 6

Steak Sambo, grilled ciabatta, onion, jam, pickled beets, greens, grain mustard mayonnaise with fries ($16.5). I had a bit of Belle’s Steak Sambo and told her that I found the steak a bit tough and chewy. She agreed. She also couldn’t finish off the chips!
James James' Bistro Fairfield Tona's Tonas Coffee Shop 7

There’s outdoor seating available if you want to catch some rays whilst enjoying the food. I remember the waitress telling us that they are planning to get EFTPOS machines installed but when we went, it was cash only. There is an ATM outside but it’s some random ATM where there’s an ATM withdrawal fee.

James Bistro on Urbanspoon

Corner of Smart & Crescent Streets, Fairfield NSW 2165

(02) 9723 3999

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 12pm till 3pm & 5pm till 10.30pm

Grill’d Healthy Burgers, Parramatta


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Ando: Grill’d Healthy Burgers has been around for quite some time now, but since Belle and I were craving burgers, I thought we might as well blog! When this store opened up in Parramatta towards the end of 2012, I remember coming here quite often as they had the buy one get one free burger promotion. Since my last visit, the place still looks the same to me. Although the workers seem to be more happy than usual!

Grill'd Grill Burger Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 1 Grill'd Grill Burger Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 2

I love it how every time you buy a burger, they give you a token (a bottle top) where you can decide which charity you’d like us to support by placing your token in one of three jars. At the end of the month, they count up the tokens and figure out who gets what. They split the money $300 / $100 / $100, so everyone gets something. How very nice!

Grill'd Grill Burger Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 3

‘Hot’ Mama Beef Burger – Grilled grass fed lean beef, roasted peppers, dill pickle, tasty cheese, tzatziki, salad and harissa paste ($13.5). Belle ordered this burger with the Gluten Free bun ($1.5). She always order the gluten free bun and loves it. I personally would steer away from it! Roasted peppers is also something I dislike. But Belle seemed happy with her burger choice.

Grill'd Grill Burger Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 4

‘Baa Baa’ Lamb Burger – Grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, avocado, tasty cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo ($13.5). I chose the traditional bun (wholemeal blend with sesame seeds) over the panini. I knew I wanted a lamb burger, but wasn’t in the mood for the Moroccan or Goats Cheese & Hummus Burger. Anything with lamb, avocado and herbed mayo is a winner for me! I love it creamy!

Grill'd Grill Burger Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 5

The Famous Grill’d Chips – Thick-cut chips with Grill’d herb mix (Regular $4.8). Chip dips are $0.7. I always toss between the Sweet Chilli Mayo and Herbed Mayo. The chips here are well seasoned and the sauce makes all the difference! I would come here just for the chips!

Grill'd Grill Burger Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 6

With so many locations in Sydney, you’ll never be too far from a Grill’d Healthy Burgers joint! Check out their Facebook for info and updates.

Grill'd Healthy Burgers on Urbanspoon

310 Church Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150

(02) 9891 6003

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am till 10pm

Badmanner Thymes Cafe, Parramatta


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Ando: Cravings for sugar kicked in and Belle and I were craving cronuts! I blame D-Lam for bringing home a dozen doughnuts a few days ago! It’s been a while since my last cronut at The Lab so I knew I had to get some! Badmanner Thymes have been posting cronut pics all this week on Instagram, so I knew where to go. Located on Horwood Place, the cafe wasn’t hard to find. Just look out for the outdoor seating arrangement and patio heaters and you’re there.

We spoke to Scott the owner and he told us that the cafe is still under trial. The official opening will be in around two weeks time. Beverages and pastries are only available at the moment, but with a kitchen makeover Badmanner Thymes plan to offer breakfast and lunch options as well. Communal tables will also be introduced and the outdoor seating will be upgraded.

Badmanner Thymes Cafe Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 1Badmanner Thymes Cafe Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 2

The cronuts sold here are sourced from Brewtown Newtown and cost $4.5 for one or $6.5 with a coffee. Belle and I ordered a Sugar Glazed Cronut and a Jam Filled Cronut and combined it with a Large Cappuccino and a Soy Chai Latte. Note there is additional surcharge for soy and large beverages. The cronuts arrived at our table heated up along with a pair of cutlery. The sweetness of the cronuts was what we needed. Tulip.Shi beans are used here and it was my first time trying Tulip.Shi Specialty Coffee Beans. Which I later found out that it is a creation by prize-winning Barista and Latte Art champion Frankie Shi.

Badmanner Thymes Cafe Parramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 3

With it’s official opening in a few weeks, we can’t wait to return. Check out their Facebook page for updates.

The Lamstock Sydney restaurants

2/1 Horwood Place, Parramatta, NSW 2150

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7am till 4pm.

The Grumpy Barista, Petersham


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Belle: After seeing numerous photos of The Grumpy Barista’s cronut on social media, I made it a mission to get into the store on a Friday afternoon before the weekend crowds. However, my mission was not complete on this particular day. We arrived at 12.30pm and were told that they had already sold out that morning.

This tiny cafe on located on the corner of Audley Street and Sadlier Crescent was packed when we arrived. With their indoor dining space seating approximately twenty or so diners, we had a short wait before grabbing a seat for ourselves, as the staff were not very helpful in accommodating us.

So in order to fill the void for my sweet cravings I decided to order the Affogato ($5), while Ando ordered his usual Large Flat White ($3.5 + $0.5 large). Toby’s Estate beans are used here.

grumpy barista petersham the lamstock

Although it was already past noon, we decided on having a late brunch session. Smashed avocado on artisan rye spelt with our zesty chili kicked oil dressing ($8.5 + optional feta for $1). A light dish that really needed a bit of acidity and I immediately regret not ordering the additional feta. However I did enjoy the fact that on the plate, there was a a spread of olive oil and dukkah which gave another element to the dish. And true to the menu, the chili did give the dish a bit of a ‘kick’.

grumpy barista petersham the lamstock 2

Brekkie roll – chorizo , capsicum, rocket + feta ($9.5) was served on a cutting board with a large bread knife, which I thought it was odd at first, but you really need it to cut into the thick and crunchy bread roll. The combination of the fillings are classic ingredients that will always go hand in hand. I am not sure if it was more ‘brekkie’ or ‘lunch’ roll.
grumpy barista petersham the lamstock 3

It is exciting to see more cafes that are popping up around Petersham recently, including Brighton the Corner. I have already planned for my next mission to this cafe, so keep an eye out for a new post because I will be back soon.

The Grumpy Barista on Urbanspoon

110 Audley Street, Petersham, NSW 2049


Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 7am till 3pm.

Devon by Night, Surry Hills


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Belle: Ever since I missed out on the famous Devon Truffle Toastie last year, I have been waiting patiently all year for the return of truffle season. Luckily for The Lamstock we were invited to dine at Devon last night to try some of their new and exciting dishes from their Devon by Night a la carte menu. Unfortunately there was no truffle toastie was on this list, but we did have a try of their new Chinese egg custard dish with truffles (images to follow).

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 1 The Devon by Night menu is a continuation of Zach Tan’s Asian influenced dishes. And some of these dishes brought back fond childhood memories of food.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 2

We started off with some warm chickpeas and assorted spice snacks.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 3

Yellowfin tuna sashimi, avocado, tomato jelly, ikura and chives ($15). You can never go wrong with some fresh sashimi to start the night. The tomato jelly was the winning component of this dish and no soy sauce is needed here! I can already imagine this to be a popular dish when the weather warms up again.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 4

“Prawn and scallop wontons” – scallop and prawn ceviche, crispy wontons, green mango, peanuts, nahm jim ($16). The light coconut milk in the ceviche reminded me of my grandmother’s Bahn Khot which are small Vietnamese pancakes. I really enjoyed the fresh salad with the crunch from the deep fried wontons.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 5

Chargrilled corn, coffee miso butter ($5 each). When this dish came out we were surprised to see baby corn as were expecting corncobs, but it was an awesome dish nonetheless. As the waiter brought out the dish, there was a welcoming scent of char grilled corn and freshly ground coffee.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 7

The Devon’s lobster roll- lobster, radish, tatsoi, kewpie ($15 each) was perfection in a bun. I could have devoured a few of these. Each of these rolls contained a generous 50 grams of lobster and equivalent to half a lobster.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 6

KJI fried chicken- korean style chicken wings, go chujang and peanut sauce ($15). Crispy chicken with a twist on the sauce. I loved it!

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 9

Aunty Tulia’s beef short ribs, tomato & basil relish was the winning dish for me. It was served with Cultivated mushroom parcels ($10) and Steam Rice ($4) (not pictured). The sweet, rich, melt in your mouth pork was really complemented by the spicy tomato & basil relish.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 11

Chargrilled Jumbo prawns with Penang Hokkien mee flavours ($29). I liked the flavour compination of this dish.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 8

Mum’s Chinese egg custard, shitake, black fungus, yellow needle flower, Chinese fried bread and fresh WA black truffle ($28). This dish got the most attention on the night. And it was a great dish to finish off the round of savory dishes. The egg custard was very smooth and each bite was followed with a strong truffle essence.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 10

And for dessert, the Tamarind and chilli popsicles got the table talking. It reminded me of salted plum candies I used to eat as a child. The chili sensation after each bite made the popsicle quite addictive.

devon by night surry hills the lamstock 12

This preview dinner has gotten me excited about the rest of their menu as there are other dishes that we have yet to try! It looks like I will have to go back and continue my Devon adventure!

Devon Cafe on Urbanspoon

76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

(02) 9211 8777


Devon by Night Operating Hours: Thursday to Sunday 6pm till 10pm.

Regular Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 6.30am till 4.30pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am till 3.30pm.

DISCLAIMER: The Lamstock was invited by Gemma from Wasamedia and dined as a guest of Devon Cafe. Opinions are however, our own.

Bau Truong, Cabramatta


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Ando: Before D-Lam jetted off overseas we both decided to have lunch at Cabramatta. I seriously don’t know how one can find parking along John Street in midday! Dutton Lane Multi Storey parking is where I often leave my vehicle and parking 2 hours for $2 is more than enough. Since D-Lam needed to visit the bank, Bau Truong Vietnamese Restaurant was next door so that’s where we had lunch. The waitresses here are quick and efficient but for some it can be viewed as rude. Try not to feel offended!

Bau Truong Vietnamese Restaurant Cabramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 1

Bau Truong Vietnamese Restaurant Cabramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 2

Beef Noodle Soup ($12). I don’t often order this popular Vietnamese street food because nothing compares to my mum’s pho. But the chilly afternoon meant it was perfect ‘pho weather’. Like most Vietnamese eateries, the food came out quickly and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I prefer my pho broth slightly sweet and fairly herbally. I found this broth a bit light and somewhat salty.

Bau Truong Vietnamese Restaurant Cabramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 3

Special BBQ Pork Chops with Rice ($13). The last two time I came to Bau Truong I ordered this dish, so it wasn’t a problem for me to finish off Darlene’s dish. She thought that the portion was large but she enjoyed most of the dish. Shame that she’s not a fan of egg yolk, shredded pork skin, cucumber, tomato and steamed egg. Sucks to be picky!

Bau Truong Vietnamese Restaurant Cabramatta The Lamstock Food Blog 4

This wasn’t the first time at Bau Truong for me and it definitely won’t be the last. The food is served quick, tastes delicious and is inexpensive. They are also located in Canley Heights Marrickville.

Bau Truong on Urbanspoon

42 John Street, Cabramatta, NSW 2166

(02) 9727 4492

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 9am till 9pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9am till 10pm.

Brighton the Corner, Petersham


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Belle: I love finding cafe spots that are nestled in tiny suburban streets, because that means less stressful parking during Sunday brunch time. Some of my favourite spots include Revolver and Excelsior Jones.

Brighton the Corner was busy when we arrived, but the staff were very attentive in finding us a seat and taking our orders. With the cafe being so busy on that day, we had to wait quite a while for our food and coffee! Brenda’s soy latte arrived first and it was when she was almost finished with her coffee, that I had to ask a waitress to see whether our coffees were on the way.

We picked our dishes off their all day breakfast menu. I was craving a sweet dish and chose the House made crumplets, caramelised pear & Dulwich Hill honey butter ($14). This was the first time I’ve tried crumplets that are not from the supermarket, and I loved it. The crumplets were crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The dish was not overly sweet, but well balanced. And the generous amount of butter is a plus. The dish went well with my long black.

brighton the corner petersham lamstock 2

Braised brisket, potato hash, mojo verde, poached egg & onion rings ($17). This dish had a burst of flavour and a good mix of textures that went well together. I particularly liked the awesome crunch from the crisp onion rings. This is definitely on the heavier side of brunch time dining.

brighton the corner petersham lamstock 3

And for a lighter option, Mushrooms, kale, moghrabieh, lemon and thyme butter & sourdough toast ($15). It was the first time I tried moghrabieh, which is often refered to as Lebanese couscous. It had a chewy texture and it reminded me of cooked barley.

brighton the corner petersham lamstock

We were satisfied with our meal. It was a shame that when we went to the counter they had charged us for eight cups of coffee! Besides the mishaps, this is a cafe that I would like to re-visit soon.

Brighton the Corner on Urbanspoon

49 Palace Street, Petersham, NSW 2049

(02) 9572 6097

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Friday 7am till 3pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am till 3pm.

Via Napoli, Lane Cove


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Belle: I often write how it can be a trek for us to eat out in North Sydney and foodie visits are almost always planned in advance. For Via Napoli, being voted the best pizza in Sydney by Time Out was enough to get us to trek across town. But it was hearing positive reviews from a born and bred Italian that made us visit there in a heartbeat.

The Lamstock made a late afternoon visit before dropping off our dearest Brenda before she embarked on her Italian and European trip. Our intentions for a light snack became more of a mini feast of entrees.

The complimentary bread is always a good start to the meal.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 2

We started off with an antipasto dish, Tagliere Di Salumi ($20). It was a really good selection of five types of cured meats, including two types of salami and prosciutto. And that small dish on the board I later confirmed it to be diced prosciutto was the first time I’ve tried it. I enjoyed the chewy texture that also had a bite to it.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 1

Arancini – one rice ball pork/veal mince ($10). 1 Rice ball with veal & pork mince, buffalo mozzarella & peas. 1 rice ball with truffle & gorgonzola. I found this dish a little lacking in comparison to the other dishes that we tried. It really needed a good amount of seasoning.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 5

Polenta & Gorgonzola ($15). Polenta chips with warm gorgonzola sauce & pepper. I am a sucker for anything with gorgonzola sauce and I love a good pungent and salty gorgonzola sauce. This sauce had all the right flavours, but I found the sauce a little on the thin side. Nevertheless we ended up consuming every drop of that sauce and even dipping our pizza crust into the sauce.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 4

Our lucky last dish was their famous traditional Neapolitan style pizza, which follows a strict guideline that requires the dough to be kneaded by hand, with a 35cm diameter and cooked in a wood fired oven at 485C for 60 to 90 seconds. We all agreed to try the Quattro Formaggi – scamorza, gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella & parmigiano on a white base. ($21). The selection of cheese on the pizza was bursting various earthy flavours combined with the creaminess of the white base. But that pizza dough was just as good on its own and there was no left over crust on our table. As full as we all were, we could not help it but continue to stuff our faces with the crust.

the lamstock via napoli lane cove 3

And before we jetted off to the airport we finished the meal with some coffee. Piccolo ($3.5). Latte ($3.5). A small note for those who are lactose intolerant, there is no soy milk served at this restaurant.

We were really impressed with the pizza here and will no doubt be back for a good pizza feast in the near future. Especially with a larger group for their one metre long pizza at their other venue in Hunters Hill which is a little bit closer to home.

Via Napoli Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

141 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove, NSW 2066

(02) 9428 3297


Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday 5pm till 10pm. Thursday to Sunday 12pm till 3pm & 5pm till 10pm.

Sushi Train, Dee Why


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Ando: Sushi Train has opened up in Dee Why and what better way to enjoy sushi than a combination of great food and a stop to the beach! With the restaurant itself situated on busy Pittwater Rd, I thought it would be easier to find parking on Oaks Avenue and I was right. Located next to Pizza Hut, this restaurant space was previously used for offices. Stepping into Sushi Train Dee Why, I found that it was quite spacious and I was fond of the wooden earthy interior that they had going on. It was lunch time and many people sat on the bench along with sushi conveyor belt. I saw booths towards the back of the restaurant and was gleeful when the waiter directed me to the booth. I was curious about the seating capacity and asked the waiter. He replied with approximately 50.

I’m used to sushi restaurants stocking wasabi, soy sauce, ginger and napkins either on the table or the conveyor belt. So it came to me as a shock when this restaurant also stocked moistened napkins, sweet chili sauce, mayonnaise, chili sauce, tonkatsu sauce, gyoza sauce and more at no extra cost! How fantastic!

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Grabbing sushi plates from the conveyor belt is one way to enjoy the food. You can also order it from the menu or you can ask one of the staff for a container so you can take it home to enjoy. Their six different coloured sushi plates ranged from $3.5 to $8.

Salmon Volcano Ship ($5.5). This was the first sushi plate I had and it was not a let down. Lightly seared, the portion was slightly larger than what I expected which is always a good thing!

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Salmon & Ikura Ship ($5.5). I enjoyed the creamy top layer and the sweet and salty salmon roe.

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Spider Roll – soft shell crab ($5). Anything with soft shell crab I am a fan of!

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Sashimi ($8). The plate had 3 pieces of salmon and 3 pieces of kingfish. I saw on the menu that you can request grilled sashimi for an extra 50c.

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Scallop Sushi ($4.5). I loved the lingering scallop flavour that followed each bite. Grilled Scallop Sushi is also on offer if you’re not a fan of raw scallops.

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Chicken Katsu and Avocado with Black Rice ($5.5). Just trying to be healthy here but I guess deep fried chicken didn’t help.

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Takoyaki – octopus puff ($4). Always a must when I go to a Japanese restaurant. Remember that additional mayonnaise sauce is available if you need it!

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Today’s Fish Carpaccio ($14.80). Thin slices of raw fish with a blend of soy sauce, rice vinegar and sake.

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl. I initially wanted to order just a side of teriyaki chicken but changed my mind. Why not order a bowl and get rice and miso soup as well!

Sushi Train Dee Why The Lamstock Food Blog

Every time you come and dine at Sushi Train or even order take away, you can earn VIP points. Membership is $3 but you will receive 30 points ($3 value) on your card. Spending $2 gets you 1 point and you can redeem 10 points for $1 credit.

There are also specials on dishes throughout the store which you need to keep your eyes out for. When I went, there was a Winter Special for Udon Noodles for the price of $4.8 (from $8.8) and there was a NRL Manly Home Game Special where if you show your home game ticket, you’ll get 15% off for take away (available only on the day Manly Sea Eagles plays at the Brookvale Oval).

Sushi Train on Urbanspoon

Shop 1, 864 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why, NSW 2099

(02) 9971 9641

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.30am till 9.30pm (last order at 9.00pm).

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Sana from SD Marketing to dine as guests. Opinions are however, our own.


Dos Senoritas, Gladesville


, , , , ,

Brenda: I thought I knew Mexican food all this time – but oh how very wrong I was! Dos Senoritas is always the restaurant that is brought up in any conversation about Mexican food. It is the first and ‘the only authentic Mexican food in Sydney’ according to their website. Head chef and owner Domingo Medina, a real Guadalajaran chef who uses authentic Guadalajaran chillis and spices in his dishes. When they opened it was a tiny family business but as their business grew so did their restaurant. When the real estate next door closed down, they extended the restaurant – the real estate front display still remains.

Don Seniorita Gladesville The Lamstock 1

Don Seniorita Gladesville The Lamstock 2

Complementary tortilla chips with salsa which is served almost immediately after we were seated. The tortilla chips are freshly made and the salsa gives a good punch of chili.

Don Seniorita Gladesville The Lamstock 3

We started with the Chicken Quesadilla – Jack and cheddar cheese served with guacamole, sour cream and pico ($15). The portion size was perfect for the four of us, each portion had a good amount of filling. The soft shreds of chicken was an indicator of the great food to come.

Don Seniorita Gladesville The Lamstock 4

Tex Mex Taco (crispy taco shell) with charbrolied chicken, marinated stew and seasoned ground beef ($25). You get a choice of three taco fillings with rice & beans, guacamole, sour cream, pico and coriander, served with lime. The taco shell is the winner of this dish. It isn’t like the taco shells that you find at the supermarkets, this is a real tortilla that has been deep fried.

Don Seniorita Gladesville The Lamstock 8

Chile Verde Burro – green chile pork, rice, jack and cheddar cheese topped with green chill sauce and sour cream ($25). This is their classic burrito filled generously with chunks of pork.

Don Seniorita Gladesville The Lamstock 6

Supercheesygooeychimichanga – pork chile verde, jack and cheddar cheese stuffed into a flour deep fried topped with jalapeño cream cheese and jack cheddar cheese ($27). This deep fried goodness takes the Chile Verde Burro to the next level.

Don Seniorita Gladesville The Lamstock 5

Enchilada – shredded chicken served with green chile sauce, cheese and sour cream ($23). The enchiladas have a choice between ground beef, pork, shredded chicken and beef.

Don Seniorita Gladesville The Lamstock 7

We left the restaurant with our bellies full! The mains were filling and the sides were even more generous. A note to our readers, be prepared!

Dos Senoritas on Urbanspoon

265 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111

(02) 9817 3737

Two Chaps, Marrickville


, , , , ,

Ando: Nestled amongst a mix of industrial and residential properties, Jono and I spotted our tea and coffee destination. Scattered pot plants, benches that yearned to be sat on and the inviting aroma of freshly baked Artisan bread warmly greeted us.

The space itself for diners is quite small but we didn’t have any troubles finding a place to sit down. Many who were there ordered on the go. Shelves were used to divide the renovated warehouse from the public cafe, with the rest of the space devoted for roasting and soaking coffee and tea and other activities which tickled our curiosity. It was fascinating to have a peak at one worker weighing and packing Stick Chai into plastic pouches.

On the day that we went, the menu was simple. Very simple. Brews, teas and pressed orange juice for beverages. 4 breakfast options. 3 toasties. 1 lunch item. That’s all. With menu items written on a chalkboard, check out their Facebook page for the latest offerings.

Two Chaps Marrickville The Lamstock Food Blog

Two Chaps Marrickville The Lamstock Food BlogSticky Chai. Flat white. We both enjoyed the blend of luxurious tea, spice and raw honey. If you enjoy the Sticky Chai as much as we did, do remember that they stock the tea here so you can grab a pouch on the way out.

Two Chaps Marrickville The Lamstock Food Blog

Mushroom, haloumi and egg with beetroot relish toastie ($8). We were only there for tea and coffee, but I couldn’t leave without trying one of their toasties. The bread was a bit hard for my liking making it difficult to cut even with a knife. I ended up picking it up with my hands to devour it.

Two Chaps Marrickville The Lamstock Food Blog

With other dishes I am interested in trying out like the Red pepper with pickled cabbage, kefalar cheese and rocket pesto toastie, and the Yellow carrot and pearl barley salad with zucchini, fetta and fennel pesto, I can’t wait to come back!

Two Chaps on Urbanspoon

122 Chapel Street, Marrickville, NSW 2204

(02) 9572 8858


Jasmin 1 Lebanese Restaurant , Chester Hill


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Ando: Craving for something heavy, Jono and I opted for Jasmin 1 in Chester Hill. Being fans of Jasmin 1 in Punchbowl, we both knew we couldn’t go wrong. Similar to the store in Punchbowl we found that many people ordered takeaway as opposed to dining in. Drinks here are self service from the fridge.

A plate of preserves, Lebanese bread, garlic sauce and chili sauce along with cutlery were served first.

Jasmin 1 Jasmin1 Lebanese Chester Hill The Lamstock Food Blog

Mixed Plate – combination of grilled chicken, kafta, shish kebab, falafel, fried kebbe, tabouli, served with hommus and baba ghannouje ($17). My favourite dish at Jasmin 1, the price has gone up from the $15 price tag that I’m used to but it’s still worth every penny. This dish can even be shared among 2 people.

Jasmin 1 Jasmin1 Lebanese Chester Hill The Lamstock Food Blog

Hommus with Meat – delicious hommus dip topped with minced meat, pine nuts and a mix of Lebanese spices ($10). There’s also the option of hommus with shawarma. The minced meat was well seasoned and the hommus was smooth and buttery. Order this the next time you’re in. You won’t be disappointed.

Jasmin 1 Jasmin1 Lebanese Chester Hill The Lamstock Food Blog

With such a great selection of delicious Lebanese food, no wonder this place has got locals hooked.

Jasmin 1 Lebanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

174 Waldron Road, Chester Hill, NSW 2162

(02) 9644 2626

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 8.30am till 9.30pm.

Sinma Laksa House, Kingsford


, , , , , ,

Ando: In celebrating Belle’s graduation at UNSW, we decided to eat somewhere close by after her graduation ceremony. We were craving Singaporean and Malaysian food. I have never studied at UNSW but if I did, I would make my way to Kingsford for breakfast, lunch, dinner and study breaks! Kingsford has an extensive range of Asian restaurants and most of them at a very affordable price!

This was my second time at Sinma Laksa House and I know that I couldn’t leave without eating their Singapore Chili Crab! But first we needed to start with some satay sticks!

Chicken Satay ($11.8). 6 skewers grilled to perfection with peanut sauce and salad. On the menu it said that you need to ask for rice cakes if you want but somehow we got them with our dish.

Sinma Laksa House Kingsford The Lamstock Singaporean Food

Singapore Chili Crab (Market Price). We paid $129.20 for our 1.9kg crab so that’s $68/kg. This national dish was served with crushed crab pieces cooked to perfection in an egg-thickened sweet and spicy gravy. I am in love with this sauce! We ordered 12 fried mantous to accompany the crab. Dipping the fried mantous in the sauce was pure heaven!

Sinma Laksa House Kingsford The Lamstock Singaporean Food

Sinma Laksa House Kingsford The Lamstock Singaporean Food

Salt & Pepper Chicken (S$17.5 L$23.5). We ordered the large dish. Deep fried crispy chicken in a salt and pepper batter spiced up with Chinese five spice powder.

Sinma Laksa House Kingsford The Lamstock Singaporean Food

Butter Squid (S$19.5 L29.5). Another large dish, the squid was deep fried in butter served with their special egg yolk crisps. Anything deep fried and buttery has got my tick of approval!

Sinma Laksa House Kingsford The Lamstock Singaporean Food

Beef Rendang (S$14.5 L$17.8). Succulent beef pieces cooked till tender in dry spicy sauce. We ordered the large dish and finished it quite quickly!

Sinma Laksa House Kingsford The Lamstock Singaporean Food

Rotis are always needed with curry!

Sinma Laksa House Kingsford The Lamstock Singaporean Food

If Kingsford’s not your area, they also have a store in Ashfield. And just in case you want to know, there is a 3% credit card surcharge.

Sinma Laksa House on Urbanspoon

391 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW 2032

(02) 9313 7663

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am till 4pm & 5.30pm till 10pm.

Gelato Messina, Parramatta


, , , , ,

Belle: When news hit that the cult following gelato store; Gelato Messina was to open locally in Parramatta, The Lamstock crew were ready to get our hands on some gelato ASAP. I am an advid follower of their Instagram account as they are always coming up with unique flavours. Check out our unique experience earlier this year when they presented the salmon and cream cheese flavoured gelato at the Ryvita Masterpiece event.

Located on the corner of Church Street and Philip Street this store is not hard to miss. We arrived at 4.30pm for the 5.00pm opening and the line was starting to grow already. We can imagine the long lines for the nights to come.

gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 1To celebrate their new store, the special flavour of the day was their ‘East meets West’. Labneh and pistaciao with fig and date jam. The flavour is an ode to both the multicultural cross section that is Parramatta.

gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 2

A snap shot of their 40 flavour ice cream cabinet.

gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 3gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 4gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 5

We decided to test out the special flavours for the day and got three scoops ($7); East meets west, Ode to Zenos and Alfajores.

gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 6

We couldn’t leave without taking some home as well.

gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 7

Ando doing some hand modelling.

gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 8gelato messina parramatta the lamstock 9

Gelato Messina on Urbanspoon

279 Church Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150

1800 435 286


Opening hours: Monday to Friday noon till 11pm, Saturday and Sunday noon till 11.30pm.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Dana from Gelato Messina to the opening of the new store. Opinions are however, our own.

Bion Societé, Camperdown


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Ando: After our Sunday Bay Run, Belle suggested that we have brunch at Bion Societé in Camperdown. Parking wasn’t difficult to find which is always a plus. When inside, a non-attentive waiter and waitress walked past us several times without any acknowledgement. How disappointing! We helped ourselves to a few menus located along the wall and quickly sat down on a table that just became available.

the lamstock bion societe camperdown sydney

There was a breakfast and lunch menu and both had limited selections which made it easy for us to pick what we wanted. We started our order with coffees and a tea. Our beverages didn’t arrive until after our meals!

the lamstock bion societe camperdown sydney 7

Smoked Salmon Stack – Sourdough toast, avocado puree, feta, smoked salmon, trout roe, fresh herbs, parsley olive oil and marinated black olives ($14.5). A beautiful and delicious dish although I would have preferred two slices of sourdough. I would say this was the best dish out of the three we ordered.

the lamstock bion societe camperdown sydney 3

Smoked Ham Benedict – Soft poached eggs of brioche with smoked ham, cherry tomato, asparagus, basil and apple cider hollandaise ($17). We were surprised when we received smoked salmon! Perhaps they ran out of smoked ham but it was a let down that the waitress never informed us. Finding an egg shell in the dish was another let down.

the lamstock bion societe camperdown sydney 2

Bacon & Egg Brioche Burger – Cheesy omelette, bacon, rocket, caramelised onion, aioli on brioche bun ($13.5). We enjoyed the caramelised onion and the cheese in the omelette was very subtle. The line of muesli on the side came as a surprise and it felt a bit out of place.

the lamstock bion societe camperdown sydney 4

Coffee beans here are from Single Origin Coffee Roasters. Regular Soy Latte – House Blend ($3.5 + $0.5 Soy). Large Flat White – Single Estate ($4.5). We also ordered an Organic Sencha Green Tea ($3.5) but unfortunately that never arrived and we had to cancel it from our bill.

the lamstock bion societe camperdown sydney 5

Overall, we enjoyed the food but unfortunately the service was disheartening.

Bion Societé on Urbanspoon

Cnr. Layton & Lambert Streets, Camperdown, NSW 2050

(02) 9557 5931


Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 7am till 4pm.

Smith, Parramatta


, , , ,

Belle: At The Lamstock HQ, we are always in search for a good cup of coffee and would travel into town to get our coffee fix. But when we learnt that another coffee spot has opened locally in Parramatta, we were there in a heartbeat. Smith is just a bit over a month old, and is the third store to open by the founders of Circa and Three Ropes, giving Parramatta city another hidden gem. And when I mean hidden, I mean hidden. Located on Batman Walk, we weren’t able to find it on Google Maps and relied on some good old research to pinpoint the location. Batman Walk is a passage way to the car park and is located just off Macquarie Street. The fixed push bike outside the store meant we were at the right place.

the lamstock smith parramatta 2

The barista also happened to be standing outside to greet us. Located in a colonial building, the fresh white paint on the exterior was a big contrast to the industrial and warm interior which was a recreation of a blacksmith’s workshop with tools decorated around the place.

the lamstock smith parramatta 1

Unlike Circa and Three Ropes, Smith specialises in one thing only, the coffee. The menu is very simple. Only three types of coffees are served here; black, white and filtered. Their beans are sourced from various roasters including Reuben Hill and Mecca on rotation. We were told that the room next door is for their next project of roasting their own blends. We can’t wait for this.

the lamstock smith parramatta 3

There is also a selection of Tea Craft teas available. We were given a small sample of their cold drip tea and it was amazing!

And for those who are lactose intolerant, soy is not offered here. I opted for the cold drip coffee. While Ando decided to go for a flat white. To accompany the coffee is a plate of three types of coconut cakes on offer. We decided on the berry cake.

the lamstock smith parramatta 4

It looks like Smith is going to be a regular place for us in months to come.

The Lamstock Sydney restaurants


Batman Walk (off Macquarie Street), Parramatta, NSW 2150

Mumu Grill, Crows Nest


, , , , ,

Belle: In recent years, there has been a more holistic approach to food and where the meat is sourced. Terms such as farm to table, local and grass fed have become more common. This new trend in food is exciting and one restaurant which has embraced this idea is Mumu Grill in Crows Nest, being the only restaurant in Sydney serving all grass fed beef.

Beef at Mumu is their main specialty, but they also offer other cuts of meat. Last week, Ando and I were invited by head chef and owner Craig Macindoe to attended the Lambageddon event, celebrating Saltbush Lamb in a six course feast for its diners. Craig also informed the diners that only six lamb were slaughtered for this event and every part of the lamb has been used. Saltbush Lamb is a new term to me and I learnt that they are not bred for their wool and only for their meat. They graze on Old Man Saltbush in Central West of New South Wales which gives the meat its unique and crisp flavour, as well as its juiciness.

mumu grill crows nest 12

mumu grill crows nest 5

mumu grill crows nest 1

To start the night, drinks were needed at the bar. Lychee Lemongrass Martini and a North Sydney Margarita.

mumu grill crows nest 2

Lamb Shoulder Empanadas with a chimi churi dipping sauce. It was a welcoming taste of lamb as I am used to a pork or beef empanadas. It was the first of six courses and in this first dish I was able to appreciate the sweetness of the lamb which were brought out with the herbs in the dip. With the generous amount of chimi churi, I coulnd’t help but double dip.

mumu grill crows nest 3

Cauliflower Soup with Truffled Lamb Shoulder & Eggplant Caviar. The waitress informed us to mix it in with the soup which gave it a light truffle flavour. I liked that the soup was made using cauliflower instead of a heavier base such as potatoes. The soup was warm and not piping hot which meant I could dig into my meal right away.

mumu grill crows nest 10

Lamb BBQ Ribs with Zucchini Raita. The first of the three mains. This was my favourite meal of the night. I loved how the soft and tender lamb fell off the bone. The cold zucchini raita gave it a light and refreshing kick.

mumu grill crows nest 11

After the second dish, we walked over to have a sneak peak at the meals being prepared for the next round.

mumu grill crows nest 4

mumu grill crows nest 6

Roast Rack & Rump with Puy Lentils, Quinoa, Cavalo Nero & Beetroot Mustard. The Lamb was cooked perfectly and that beetroot mustard was the winner for me. But that might be because I love a good mustard.

mumu grill crows nest 7

Pressed Lamb Shank, Water Cress with Jalapeno Apple & Tomato Chutney. A combination of sweet, spicy and bitter. First you get the sweet and spice from the chutney, followed by some savoury from the lamb, and then a bit of bitterness from the water cress.

mumu grill crows nest 8

Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt, Cheesecake Tart, Dates & Poached Plum. This is a clever dish and takes away from traditional cheesecakes. The cheese was not sweetened to highlight the sheep’s milk. The sweetness combo was complimented by the sour plum syrup and the dates.

mumu grill crows nest 9

We had a great time at the Lambagedden event. Mumu Grill hosts several events a year and it is a great value and a good night out. Join their mailing list to find out about any future events that will be held at Mumu Grill. Find the link here.

Mumu Grill on Urbanspoon

70 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW 2005

(02) 9450 6877


Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday 6am til 5pm, Thursday – Sunday 6am til late.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Craig from Mumu Grill to dine as guests. Opinions are however, our own.

Vesta Italian, Darling Quarter


, , , , ,

Belle: With daylight savings coming to an end, those long summer nights are now a distant memory. We visited Vesta Italian a couple of weeks ago and the warm evening night was perfect for the alfresco dining at Darling Quarter. We were hosted by the welcoming manager Kaz and really enjoyed the night. So much so that we stayed till closing.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 1

We started off with Antipasto for two/four ($26/$49). Serving two or four, a large platter of classic delicious antipasto selections include marinated olives, marinated vegetables, salami, and cheese served with grissini and bread.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 2

The second entree was the Seared Scallops with cauliflower puree and lemon crumble ($16) which was perfectly cooked.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 3

Pork belly pizza, diced pork belly, mozzarella, potato and apple sauce ($23) was an interesting combination of salty pork belly combined with the sweet apple sauce.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 5

Gnocchi al ragu di agnello, gnocchi with our slow cooked lamb shoulder ragu, peas, and shaved age parmesan ($23). This was a rich and hearty dish that would be perfect for the upcoming colder months.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 6

Mixed mushroom risotto with truffle pecorino ($19) was my favourite dish of the night. It was well seasoned and the added truffle pecorino was the cherry on top.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 4

The best part of the night was having desserts to finish off the night. Home made daily panna cotta ($12) was a pot of goodness. The panna cotta was smooth and creamy and not overly sweet.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 10

Home made cannoli, Ricotta and chocolate chip ($6). The citrus infused ricotta was a welcoming change. I am not usually a fan of chocolate chips in ice creams because they are usually too frozen and not melt in your mouth ready. But because the ricotta is served at a warmer temperature, I enjoyed the small bites of chocolate flakes.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 7

Affogato, a shot of espresso with 2 scoops of ice cream and a shot of Frangelico ($14). The perfect blend to finish off the night.

vesta italian darling quarter the lamstock 8We had a wonderful time dining here and would come back here some good old hearty pasta dishes.

Vesta on Urbanspoon

15/1-25 Harbour St, Sydney, NSW 2000

(02) 9267 9644


Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday 6am til 5pm, Thursday – Sunday 6am til late.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Lauren from Folke Agency and Vesta Italian to dine as guests. Opinions are however, our own.



Cake Bake Sweets


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Belle: Some of my earliest memories of food involved helping my mum out when she was baking. Every time my mum was baking, Brenda and I would eagerly sit around waiting to help her. As we got older we were given permission to bake our own cakes. We started with the cake mixes out of a box and eventually making our way to baking from scratch. Over the years we have baked numerous cakes and pastries for family and friends.

Two weekends ago was the annual Cake, Bake and Sweets Show at Sydney Showgrounds and we were excited to attend and be inspired by the cakes on showcase. Here are some of the highlights from that day.

I loved walking through the dessert table showcase. Each display had incredible attention to detail and there seemed to be one for every occasion.

cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock

cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 2 cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 3 cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 4

cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 5 cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 10

Also on show were the cakes from the Australian Cake Decorating Championships. Here are some entries from the novelty cake competition that caught our eyes on that day.

cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 6

cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 7After a walk around and marveling at all the displays, we wanted a change of scene from all the sugar and sat in on Dan Lepard’s demonstration on making’The Easy All Australian Burger Bun’.

cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 8

cake bake sweets show 2014 the lamstock 9

We had a great day and has inspired us to bake more often. We also brought home some goodies that we purchased from various vendors. I definitely can’t wait to visit again next year.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Kiarna from National Media and Abbey from Thrive PR to attend as media guest for the Cake Bake and Sweets Show. Opinions are however, our own.

Nescafe Dulce Gusto


, ,

Belle: Last week Brenda and I had the chance to meet up with renown New York coffee artist Michael Breach for the Nescafe Dulce Gusto pop up event at Wynyard Park.

dulce gusto coffee art 2
dulce gusto coffee art 4

Before attending the event Brenda and I did a little bit of investigating and found both his Instagram and Tumblr account. After seeing a few of his work, we were hooked. Michael was able to create portraits and buildings in a cup of coffee with three things; milk froth, crema and a small toothpick. He told us that the coffee art started after he made a bet with a few friends to see if he was able to draw in the coffee foam. It it turned out he was quite good at it and everything took off from there.

dulce gusto coffee art 3

We were lucky to have our portraits drawn and here is the finished product.

dulce gusto coffee art 1

So the lesson learnt from this event; don’t listen to those who tell you ‘not to play with your food’.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Jessica from Impact Communications for the event. Opinions are however, our own.


Mashawi Home (Camel Kingdom), Lakemba


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Ando: Camel? Yes, those animals with humps. In a burger? Yes, and it was quite tasty! Well I have to admit, the first time I tried the camel burger at Mashawi House (back then the store was known as Camel Kingdom) it was delivered to me and it wasn’t piping hot, so the burger wasn’t as satisfying. But this time I decided to visit the store. C’mon camel burger, change my mind!

Located in Lakemba, parking wasn’t too much trouble but I did get a bit lost locating the store. Since the name change, I didn’t realise I had walked straight passed it. An A-frame located on the pathway spelled out ‘Camel Kingdom’ but the store sign above the walkway had ‘Mashawi Home’.

Camel Burger – with lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot and cheese ($7.99). The main reason I ordered this burger was for the camel meat. The patty tasted like a cross between beef and lamb. It didn’t taste too fatty but did taste a bit elastic.  Aside from the patty, it was a simple burger. I ordered this in a meal with chips and a drink (not pictured). It was midday and the fridge stock was quite limited. I believed I took the last bottle of coke on that day.camel kingdom burger lakemba the lamstock 1

Skewer Mixed Plate – choice of lamb, chicken or kafta (single serve $15). The friendly man behind the counter suggested that I tried all three meat. This dish also came with a side of Lebanese bread and I side of sauce. I told him I couldn’t pick between the three; garlic sauce, hummus and baba ganoush, so he gave all three. I wasn’t complaining.

camel kingdom burger lakemba the lamstock 2

The experience of the camel burger was more enjoyable the second time around. And I will be back whenever I am in the area or whenever I feel like venturing out from the usual beef burger. Alpaca or deer burger next round anyone?

Camel Kingdom on Urbanspoon

156 Haldon Street, Lakemba, NSW 2195.

(02) 9759 3304

Ryvita Masterpiece at The Grounds, Alexandria


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Belle: Last week Brenda and I were invited to try the Ryvita’s launch to search for Australia’s ‘Best Sandwich’. This was an event that Brenda and I were looking forward to because that evening was kicked-off with a Reuben sandwich demonstration by Jake Dell, owner of renowned Katz’s Deli in New York City. Both Brenda and I dreamed of visiting Katz’s Deli and talking to Jake about New York has increased our urgency to book flights to NYC ASAP.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 4Below is Jake Dell’s recreation of the New York City Pastrami on Rye using local ingredients.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 5Jake Dell’s recreation of the famous Katz’s Deli Reuben using local produce.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 9The sandwich demonstration was followed by a workshop to create our own Reuben and Pastrami Sandwiches.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 1This was Brenda’s take on a Pastrami on Ryvita during the workshop.

ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 6The rest of the evening we had the opportunity to learn more about the Ryvita Masterpiece; over the next four weeks, eight eateries around Australia will battle it out to see who will win the best Ryvita Masterpiece. The eateries involved are: The Grounds (Sydney), Malibu (Sydney), Gelato Messina (Sydney), Hotel Windsor (Melbourne), Shady Palms Cafe (Brisbane), Bar 9 (Adelaide), Cafe Elixer (Perth) and Toastface Grillah (Perth).

We were lucky enough to try three of the Ryvita Masterpiece contenders on the day.

Malibu ‘Green Fields’. Poached chicken with homemade lemon and herb mayonaise topped with diced avocado, celery, cucumber, spring onions and mixed herbs. I liked that this dish was simple and very doable at home. I can definitely see myself attempting to recreate this dish.
ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 2
The Grounds ‘The Pumpkin Pie’. Homemade spiced pumpkin mousse topped with sliced fennel, pickled cucumbers and shavings of hot salami. This dish had a lot of punchy flavours. There was sweetness from the pumpkin, a dash of sour from the pickled cucumbers and a hit of salt and chili from the salami. It was a well rounded dish.
ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 7
Gelato Messina ‘White Bait’. Mounds of Messina’s smoked salmon and white chocolate gelato between mounds of lemon cream cheese and toped with cubes of dill and caper jelly and micro herbs. This dish was definitely the talking point of night. Gelato Messina never ceases to amaze me with their combination of flavours. The ice cream didn’t taste fishy at all. It was sweet with essence of smoked salmon. It worked well on the Ryvita, but I am unsure if I will be able to have this ice cream on its own.
ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 8
All three dishes were enjoyable. But my vote will be for the Messina’s take on the Ryvita Masterpiece with extra points for their risk they took.
Also there is a change to win $2000 when you Like their Facebook Page and vote for your favourite creation.
ryvita grounds of alexandria the lamstock 3
The Lamstock Sydney restaurants
Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Katie from AC Agency and Ryvita Australia to the event launch. Opinions are however, our own.

The Flynn, Sydney


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Belle: Hidden in Sydney’s Central Building District is a pub that has been inspired by late Australian actor Errol Flynn. Formally known as The Bligh, this pub has been relaunched as The Flynn.

The pub’s restaurant Lil’ Damita is reminiscent of the old school 1940s Hollywood glamour with the addition of dark parquet timber walls, velvet upholstered booths and pot plants. The menu at Lil’ Damita is a combination of classic Australian pub foods as well as some new mixes to compliment the changing pub food scene in Sydney. 

the flynn sydney lamstock 2

The ingredients of a classic steak sandwich has been mixed up to create the Open Steak Sandwich, Angus sirloin, caramellised onion, beetroot, roast tomato, aioli & rocket on Iggys sourdough and chips ($18). The new take on this classic dish now requires the use of a knife and fork, which I didn’t mind because it allowed me to savor each bite. I would come back here for this dish and the $12 deals on Monday makes it all the more tempting. You can also check other deals that are available Monday til Thursday here.

the flynn sydney lamstock 4

On the lighter side, there are also a few salads that are available here. We decided on the Sashimi Salad, atlantic salmon, kingfish, cherry tomato, mixed leaf, avocado, daikon, spicy lemon & lime dressing ($20). The combination ingredients work well together. Make sure to mix the salad well before eating.

the flynn sydney lamstock 3

Being on a tight schedule, we did not try out the range of wonderful cocktails that were available. Perhaps next time!

the flynn sydney lamstock

The Flynn on Urbanspoon

2a Bligh Street, Sydney 2000.

(02) 9223 0037


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am til late.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Sneha from Shake Appeal and dined as a guest of The Flynn. Opinions are however, our own.

Hot Star, Sydney


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Belle: I have a love/hate relationship with eating fried chicken. It is easily one of my ‘go to’ food when I am craving for junk food. And it is because of this reason that I try to stay away from it whenever possible. But I couldn’t resist the promise of a 30cm piece of fried chicken from Hot Star.

Hot Star opened their first store in Sydney at the beginning of the month (Melbourne was their first Australian store) and this Taiwanese franchise is already attracting long queues since opening.  I spoke to Cassey, the manager of the store and she told me they were selling over 700 pieces of fried chicken a day.

Cassey took me to the back of the store to show me where all the food was prepped. I liked the fact that their chicken is 100% Australian chicken breast with no meat glue involved. At $7.90 a piece, it is worth every cent. What sets this fried chicken apart is the batter and the seasoning. The tapioca flour coating makes the batter super crunchy. After the crunchiness it gets nice and chewy after a few bites. And their seasoning is a mix of chili, seaweed, salt, pepper and plum. There is also the option to try the original fried chicken with additional spices: little spiciy, medium spicy, spicy or extra spicy. I really enjoyed this piece of chicken, but I will have to warn, it is very filling and highly addictive.

hot star sydney the lamstock 4

Along with the fried chicken we also had a few of their sides. The Chicken Bites ($5.9) are a small sample of the large fried chicken with hints of their seasoning and some addition of deep fried basil leaves.

hot star sydney the lamstock 1 hot star sydney the lamstock 3

I couldn’t say no to the Mushrooms ($4.9), which were cut in bite sized pieces. But I wished there was more seasoning to it. Just make sure it is cooled down before you eat it, or you might see yourself burnt from the scolding hot juices.

hot star sydney the lamstock 2

Sweet Potato Fries ($3.9).

hot star sydney the lamstock 5

Hot Star is a fast food outlet that I will come back to and I can already see myself stopping here after a night out in the city.

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon

96 Liverpool St, Sydney 2000.

Facebook Page

Opening Hours: Sunday til Thursday 10am – 12am, Friday til Saturday 10am – 2am.

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Harvey Publicity and Hot Star Australia to sample their menu. Opinions are however, our own.

Taste of Sydney 2014, Centennial Park


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Belle: With only two days left to attend the annual Taste of Sydney festival, this is a quick blog to highlight some of the food that we tasted on Thursday night.

The aste of Sydney festival is a showcase of some of Sydney’s finest restaurants, with 15 restaurants exhibiting, as well as Icon Park a new crowd funding concept to dining in Sydney and a selection of food providers.

taste of sydney 2014 the lamstock 1

We arrived late on Thursday night and with just under two hours to scope out the festival, our first stop of the night was to start with drinks thanks to Rekorderlig cider.

Apple – Guava Cider and Orange – Ginger. I haven’t tried these flavours previously and really enjoyed the Apple-Guava and it was perfect for the warm night. But I also couldn’t pass on the Orange-Ginger as I love anything with ginger and will be ordering this drink which is perfect for the cooler nights.

taste of sydney 2014 the lamstock 7

Aki’s Indian Restaurant

Lamb Biryani, dum cooked lamb & rice with raita ($14). This was one of the favourite dishes of the night. The lamb was tender and packed full of spices.

taste of sydney 2014 the lamstock 5

Chur Burger

Wagyu Rossini, with shaved fois gras, truffle and Medeira jus ($18) was a must try for me after seeing the hype on social media before the festival. And it was certainly worth the wait. Juicy patty and a good serve of melt in your mouth fois gras. the only down side was that the but was slightly dry and serving was small.

taste of sydney 2014 the lamstock 6


Duck, Haloumi & Wilk Weeds Gozleme, mini gozlemes with duck leg, string haloumi & barberries ($8).

taste of sydney 2014 the lamstock 2

The Larder

House Smoked Salmon Rillettes, salmon roe, crostini ($8)

taste of sydney 2014 the lamstock 4

Spiced Lamb Shoulder yoghurt, cucumber, mint ($10). This perfect marriage of flavours complimented the soft and well cooked lamb.

taste of sydney 2014 the lamstock 3

This was my first time attending Taste of Sydney and I really enjoyed the atmosphere that this even created. Next year, I will be attending a lot earlier to try more of the dishes on offer.

Taste of Sydney, 13th – 16th March 2014

Brazilian Fields, Centennial Park

Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Exposure PR and Rekorderlig cider. Opinions are however, our own.

New Shanghai, Chatswood


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Belle: Every few weeks, my sisters and I would drop by Ashfield on our way home from uni for some Xiao Long Baos. But since graduating last year, our tradition of dumpling sessions haven’t been on the agenda. New Shanghai is one of our favourite spot. So when Alana from Wasamedia invited myself and some fellow food bloggers to try out the new menu at the Chatswood Chase store, it was an immediate ‘yes’ from me.


Upon arrival, it was recommended that we ordered a drink from the new drinks menu. The Fresh pineapple with coconut milk ($6.8) struck a chord with me. It was refreshing and had just enough ice to be easy to drink and not to give you a brain freeze. I would order this again any day.


The night started off with an array of classics from their menu.

New Shanghai pan fried pork bun (8pcs) ($10.5). One of my favourite classic dishes from New Shanghai.


New Shanghai Xiao Long Bao – steamed mini pork bun (8pcs) ($7.8).


Prawn wonton tossed with peanut butter, red chili oil & spice (10pcs) ($11.5). I enjoyed the combination of peanut butter in this dish.


Pan fried pork dumpling (8pcs) ($9.9).

Steamed pork belly bun (2pcs) ($6). The bun was fluffy and it had the right amount of hoi sin sauce to bread ratio.


Braised tofu and mushroom in sweet soy sauce ($16.8).


Stir fried clam with ginger and shallot ($15.8).IMG_1135

Sautéed sliced ling fish in red wine sauce ($19.8).IMG_1137

Salt & pepper soft shell crab ($29.8).


King prawn with vermicelli in ginger and shallot in hot pot ($23.8).


Salt and pepper school prawn ($17.8).


Braised tofu with seafood in hot pot ($22.8).


Rainbow beef (deep fried shredded beef tossed with sweet & sour sauce) ($17.8). This dish was accompanied with their plain steamed buns and it went down a treat.

Fried rice with X.O. sauce ($11.9).

And if that wasn’t enough food, the night was topped up with the Fresh mango/strawberry shaved ice ($10.8). The serving was generous and enough to feed three to four people. As full as I was at this point, it was the right dish to cap off the feast.


New Shanghai is a restaurant that I always find myself returning to. And with four stores located in Sydney, it makes it even easier to find a great place for a good dumpling session.


New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Shop B-038, Chatswood Chase
Chatswood, NSW 2067

(02) 9412 3358


Disclaimer: The Lamstock was invited by Wasamedia and dined as a guest of New Shanghai. Opinions are however, our own.

Romana Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant (Online Ordering with Eat Now)


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Ando: It was one of those nights where I was not willing to cook and was reluctant to drive to get food, so Belle suggested that we order with Eat Now. We were first time users and found the whole process quick and simple. Eat Now is completely 100% free to use and allows customers to order takeaway and delivery online. Eat now also has access to over 2,500 restaurants. We couldn’t wait to get started and view which local restaurants were on offer.

There are two ways you can order from eat now. First, hop onto your computer and visit their website. Or second, download their app and order from your phone. I chose the latter, as I already had my iPhone with me. It wasn’t long before the app was installed and ready to go.

Romana Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

The app picked up my location and didn’t require me to enter my suburb. Too easy!

Romana Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

We were craving pizza so it didn’t take long for us to pick which restaurant we wanted to order from.

Romana Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

We found the customer’s review section insightful, including comments on recommended dishes and the restaurant’s service. Some restaurants also offered deals which made it all the more enticing to order with Eat Now.

Romana Italian Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

Romana Italian Guildford Eat Now - The LamstockRomana Italian Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

Free garlic bread? I’m not complaining!

Romana Italian Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

Payment options included cash, card or PayPal. I love it how you can use your Facebook account as your Eat Now account.

Romana Italian Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

We received an SMS shortly after our selection that confirmed our order and stated the delivery time.

We ordered the Special 4 deal ($45.99) which saved us $6 if we bought the items individually. 2 family pizzas, large chips, garlic bread and 1.25L drink.

Romana Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

Romana Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

Romana Cheese Lovers Family – Romana Italian sauce, mozzarella cheese, fetta cheese and parmesan. Who can resist a cheese filled pizza!

Romana Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

Supreme Pizza Family – Pepperoni, cabanossi, mushroom, capsicum, onion, olive and pineapple. Filled with classic toppings this pizza quickly filled our bellies and left a smile on our faces.

Romana Guildford Eat Now - The Lamstock

The app is a free download and by joining you can receive emails for great specials, discounts and freebies. Start ordering!

Romana Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

126 Military Road, Guildford, NSW 2162.

(02) 9681 6645


DISCLAIMER: The Lamstock received a reimbursement courtesy of Eat Now. Opinions are however, our own.


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